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“The Swamp” aka the “Third House”, etc like to try to control outcomes as much as they can. We’ve detailed the massive amounts of money they spend to manipulate election results on Central Committees. We’ve begun to detail the manipulation of legislative elections via all the independent expenditures.

You’re mad as hell over the Chad Mayes of the world selling us out? Well, here is another step in the “Burn it Down” series.

The California Republican Party represents the biggest target of all for “the Swamp”. The California Republican Party can receive and distribute massive amounts of cash, has a bulk mail permit that endorsed candidates can use and the endorsement is the most consequential of all.

If you read the by-laws of the California Republican Party you will realize that there is real power in the offices of the party, in particular the board of directors.

The Board of Directors are either elected by regional caucuses or by the delegates at large.

Understanding how delegates are appointed gives you a window in to some more of the massive expenditures of cash by “the Swamp”.

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Every central committee chairman gets appointments. The chairman and the treasurer are automatic delegates. This is a major reason why County Party elections were targeted all across the state with massive expenditures of cash. The first reason we outlined in Part 1, to control the voice of the local county party to reduce accountability for “Republicans” doing the bidding of the swamp (aka Cap and Trade), but the second reason is control of delegates.

Every Partisan Elected gets appointments. (Congressman, State Senator, Board of EQ member, Assembly Member)

Every failed District Level Republican Candidate is themselves a delegate and may get appointments based on a formula.

Every failed Statewide Republican Candidate is themselves a delegate (but only the top vote-getter should no Republican make a runoff) and gets a few appointments.

Some Volunteer Groups/Clubs get a few appointments.

Some Party officers get a few appointments.

You can see then, why the donors will pay the filing fees for people loyal to them to get on the ballot and lose in an array of districts all over heavily democratic areas. This has been the case in 2012 and 2016 where the “Spirit of Democracy PAC” has sponsored a slew of candidates in to hopelessly democratic districts. My estimation is that this effort has netted 50-75 delegates. When you only have about 900 at a typical convention, this is deadly.

Another thing “The Swamp” does to control the CRP Convention is running “Proxy Drills”. If you are involved in the State Party, you get the letters every convention asking for you to fill out this form and send it to “Republican Leadership” at some address in Sacramento. They do this because it works and usually will net 100 or more easy votes a convention. They also pay people like Jessica Patterson, David Reade, Steve Davey and Andy Garakhani (sp?) to make phone calls to gather more personally.

Those four and others are also responsible for making sure all of the proceedings of the convention happen the way they were planned out. They run “whip drills” to make sure delegates vote the way they are supposed to and attempt to make sure floor sessions are managed to an outcome.

With the knowledge of what the swamp does to control the California Republican Party, this is another area where traditionally undisciplined conservatives can and need to come together and rally around a cause.

We’ve talked about Central Committees and their significance and how to take them over despite the extreme money advantage of the swamp.

Now – a couple key things to know about the CRP:

Filing conservatives in democrat districts and raising the money to pay their filing fees AND to get a ballot statement is imperative. When “The Swamp” hear that Conservatives are filing for districts, they will file opponents for them regardless of how hopeless the district is. This means you need to be smart and file with candidate statements in the largest counties in order to have a chance of being the top vote getter versus the swamp.

Develop relationships with your local partisan electeds. Do things for them, ask for delegate appointments. The worst they can say is no. If they do, then you know whose side they are on.

Volunteer Clubs can endorse and organize for party office elections, this is another reason to be involved in a volunteer club.

Volunteer Clubs can rally to run proxy drills. Any delegate can get a list of the party delegates and their group can call to try and obtain proxies before an election. “The Swamp” does it, why can’t the Conservatives?

Again, as I lamented in previous posts, running these sorts of efforts will require patience, perseverance, humility, cohesion and organization. I have not seen much in my 20 years in the party hold high hopes of it happening. However, because so many people are angry over the Chad Mayes, Rocky Chavez, Heath Flora, etc – I am laying out a roadmap so that the activists can retake their party from the monied elite.

Some may wonder why I am laying this out here. It is simple, when those with the passion of their convictions take on the unprincipled establishment on a level playing field, the establishment (aka the swamp) can’t win. This is why they have to spend so much money and hire so many people to execute their plans…

… and this will bring us to Part 5… so what do you do when Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars are spent in your district against your Conservative Candidate?

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