Apr 262017

So, I got communication from another “New kind of Republican”, that we NEED apparently.


Castillano’s Manifesto?

We need to add the UK to NAFTA – how about we wipe our ass with NAFTA all together?

He has a Master’s Degree, McClintock has a BA. I have no college degree and I am just fine thank you.

He advocates for National Crime Standards and National Regulation of Health Insurance. #EPICFAIL

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Then there is this – he is a former Bethypoo and McClintock intern. He has also “worked” for a litany of losing candidates… with a special nugget…

He worked as a “strategist” for Brian Caples who lost 2-1 to Kevin Kiley. Apparently, Mr. Castellano was so adept that he helped Kiley win by a larger margin than his former benefactor (Bethypoo) ever did. #EPICFAIL

Dear Stephen, stop now. Go away. Tom McClintock is far better on his worst day than you will ever be on your best day.

Stay Tuned. Right On Daily may have a new sock puppet to beat on.

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