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In politics, there are several metrics for making decisions: Character of a Candidate, Viability of a Candidate, Where they Stand on Issues and their Resume are basically the top four. When attempting to evaluate a “Influencer” in politics is a little more tricky, as vetting conflicts of interest that influence their opinion overshadow anything. I’ve seen an infestation, especially on the hard right of so-called conservatives that do not live like they say their values are.

Many years ago when I got sober, one of the most difficult things to deal with were my Conservative political leanings versus the out-of-control behavior that comes hand in glove with alcoholism. I am thankful that there is no longer that disconnect because when I first got involved in politics in 1997 I was still drinking.

It is my own sober experience and what I learned going through it that allows me to see many in the political game the way I see them. Politics attracts extreme people and is a complete hotbed of hypocrisy. Gheez, why is this Conservative drunk as a skunk at the Convention? How many girlfriends has this conservative leader had in the last year? (and the leader always has said girlfriend staying in their convention hotel room, too…)

I am not innocent. I am not a saint. What I am, however is a flawed messenger redeemed by the Grace of Jesus Christ and transformed by the 12 steps of AA. Without BOTH, I would not be here. I do not claim moral superiority over anyone, what I do claim is the right through experience to have an opinion and to state it clearly under my own name so I am also accountable for it.

What got me in to politics? I am pro-life. I believe abortion is Murder. It seemed completely absurd that a baby was being called a fetus and a lump of tissue. Even though it is very likely I will never have children of my own, I don’t need to experience fatherhood to know that “thing” is a human life. I can only justify abortion in the case of saving the mother’s life, and in the difficult circumstance of a sexual assault, I pray that the conceived child is carried to term and given to a family that wants to adopt. Despite my visceral reaction to the whole concept of abortion, I simply can not traumatize a sexual assault victim a second time by making that decision for her. The other 97% of Abortions are cut and dried, don’t do them, don’t fund them

I learned many years later that this concept of a fetus is part of a larger pattern by the left of de-humanizing their political opponents. Once a political opponent is dehumanized, you can justify anything in order to win.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Look at election fraud. Look at what the media did to Donald Trump. Look at the women that lied about him. Look at the paid riots. Look at the polls that were outright lies.

I believe that we as Conservative activists have a right to expect our representatives to be Conservatives in the way they live. If you call yourself a Christian / Conservative or both, then don’t cheat on your wife, smoke weed, get hammered, change girlfriends like shirts, lie, manipulate people, control people, act purely out of self interest, hide your conflicts of interest, live in grey areas to see how much you can get away with and/or refuse to be a team player. If you do these things, you will get your tail kicked by the Right On Daily Blog.

I am a hard core Social Conservative. I believe Homosexuality is morally wrong. My homosexual friends know it. They also know I love them and pray for them because God wants what is best for them too. The infuriating thing is that the left has successfully created an environment where religious freedom and sexual freedom (as morally aberrant as that is to me) can not co-exist. My attitude towards homosexuality is I will respect their sexual freedom and in return please respect my religious freedom. This concept is lost on courts and human rights commissions that zealously persecute Christians over acts of conscience. I absolutely oppose special status for anyone based on a sex act.

I had told the then President of the LCR that I would support the Charter of the Log Cabin Republicans. I had a personal crisis of conscience and could not cast the vote I promised, so I gave my proxy to someone who did.

I believe in keeping my word. You can’t fake integrity, either you have it or you don’t. I do not mince words on this blog, I do not hide under cover of anonymity either. This allows me to be able to correct the record when needed.

I am pro-gun. Short of denying gun purchases to felons or people proven to be psycho, there are really no restrictions on gun rights that I support. (Including magazines, types of weapons and the like) Gun Ownership = Freedom. Period.

I have a disdain for government. I see what it does to good people. I see the power of the bureaucracy and how it sucks people in that get vested in their office. This is why I am not tethered to any incumbents anywhere. I have been targeted for reprisals many times because of this, so be it. The RightonDaily Blog lives on and some of them are no longer in office. There are many departments in government that need to be abolished and still more scum-sucking denizens of government that need to be terminated from their employment for megalomania or just plain stupidity.

The State of CA is irreparably broken in my opinion and sometimes things have to be done within a broken system to maintain or improve our quality of life. For only the second time in my life, I supported tax increase measures on the ballot. Measure D and Measure M. It is not a foregone conclusion that I will support similar measures in the future – it was the circumstances and the construction of those measures that merited support. Infrastructure and development are a big deal to me.

I tell people that I am to the right of most tea party members. While I could go in depth on more issues, but you should get a general idea that I am easily aligned with Ted Cruz and lack the libertarian streak of Tom McClintock, who is regarded as a conservative standard-bearer in the local area (as I oppose legal Marijuana in any circumstance and do not support gambling in any circumstance).

I frequently break with conservative orthodoxy or tea party orthodoxy in candidate endorsements because I look at Character more heavily than any other metric. Secondly, I look at viability – gone are the days of supporting ideologically perfect candidates that end up getting slaughtered at the ballot box because of lack of resources, a lack of a plan to win, a lack of character or all of the above. Gone are the days of ignoring the personal behavior of so-called Conservatives. Here are the days of judging people on a balance of all factors.

Supporting losers won’t save any babies, defend religious freedom or keep government from running me out of business.

I did not support Donald Trump, because I believed him to be more liberal than any of the GOP candidates. When an opportunity came to work for Ben Carson, I jumped at it because of who Dr. Carson is. Working for Dr. Carson was an honor I will never forget. I supported Jeb Bush originally because of his stellar record of accomplishment in Florida and his anticipated support base, then Jeb Bush imploded as a candidate. Whoops.

Once Donald Trump won the primary, I moved on to him. This is what I do. My Republican is better than anything any other party offers.

As the Right on Daily Blog moves forward, please understand my paradigm as it will help make better sense of my approach.

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