Feb 022017

Scam, a pretty strong word. What else would you say about an organization that has tried initiatives and referenda several times and failed to qualify any of them?

SB48? The Capitol Resource Institute did not even file a campaign finance report. This is my opinion was done to avoid having to deal with an FPPC complaint as much as it had to do with the complete failure of the effort.

AB1266? Raised lots of money, did not even come close. Here is a post about the FPPC Complaint. Here is part 1 of an expose I did about the fraud that was the AB1266 effort and part 2 of said effort.

To this day, there has been limited, if any accounting for the money raised.

To this day, volunteers involved with both efforts are still surprised at how it seemed the staff of CRI did not care about petitions coming in or their accuracy.

Of course the Coup D’ Etat was the $120,000+ that they pilfered from the Proposition 8 effort.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

If the Capitol Resource Institute is consistent with their pattern – you can make bank that their current effort against SB18 is a fundraiser and will die like the rest.

Please don’t think that I write this willy-nilly. I’ve been threatened and an organization I was an officer of at the time was actually sued by their founder twice. The Capitol Resource Institute on the surface is a Conservative Values Group, but beneath the surface, my 15 years of dealing with their employees / directors shows them to be a fraud.

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