Jan 222017

IF you follow me on Social Media, you will see me referencing the 1990’s era playbook.

This is the concept of running “Media Drills” in order to control the narrative, or to create one. I refer to the national media as whores because they willingly participate on those run by the left, and even do some of the lying themselves.

The 1990’s era playbook involves repeating the lie until it becomes truth. One such lie was “Bush Lied, people died”. Because George W Bush was deign to respond to his critics, the lie stuck to him and when, years later George W Bush was vindicated, no one cared.

Another lie was about the Angry Mobs in 2000 – that was later transferred to the “Tea Party”. I never saw them trashing the venues they protested in. However, the photos of the “Occupy” movement showed widespread property damage and litter everywhere. See these photos of the recent inauguration protest aftermath.

Thankfully, 200+ protesters are going to get prosecuted. This is a marked change from the Obama administration that seemed to be encouraging the protests while they destroyed property and attacked people.

Another 1990’s era tactic, claim your Conservative Opponent hates women and roll out accusers. It is apparent that the Trump campaign saw this coming and in the surreal environment, no one believed Trump’s accusers or Trump’s protestations of his innocence! This is a welcome change from the 1990’s when sexual harassment accusers were deified by the media despite evidence they lied. Gloria Allred, the famous leftist glory-seeking lawyer has been forced to sue Trump for defamation in order to protect herself from the exposure several of her clients got. (Remember, some of the accusers were tied to Clinton’s campaign and/businesses and/or known left-leaning political groups? Details of others were proven to be impossible)

Another 1990’s era tactic, divide by race. Obama did this masterfully, and in 2016 latino turnout was driven by the Dems with lies about mass deportations coming if Trump won the election. The truth? Under Obama, there were more deportations in history, while they were importing Muslims en masse. I saw this in person when I worked in Nevada.

Due in large part to social media, these tactics ran their course. Sometimes within minutes of lies being promoted, counter evidence was hitting social media.

This is an overriding reason why the Obama admin was pushing so-called “Net Neutrality”, they understood how they manipulated Social Media to trounce the GOP in two elections and also its’ power to overwhelm the media.

Donald Trump’s admin is blazing new ground. One of Trump’s primary assets and sources of support is his willingness to look the media straight in the face and call them liars. His press secretary while stumbling all over himself lit them up. Predictably, the Media immediately shot back trying to defend themselves with parsed words.

It is a brave new world, the political rule book is being re-written and there are a lot of people late to the gate and/or deliberately refusing to understand the totality of what happened.

Donald Trump, even if he accomplishes nothing else has cracked the wall of division and confusion the left has attempted to use in order to hold a vice grip on power.

To be continued.

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