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Update – here is a nice angle, Tim Donnelly takes to Breitbart to support Peter Thiel. This would put him at odds with a lot of his core supporters. Was/Is there a nexus for Mr. Donnelly in this?

Peter Thiel would be the next Meg Whitman. A loaded, Bay Area Republican seeking the governorship of the State of CA.

GOP Consultants are salivating for a paycheck, who in their right mind wouldn’t be?

By the time Politico, the Hill or any other mainstream hard-left media outlet gets the news, it is months or years old.

When one sets up a run for statewide office there is usually a large-scale plowing operation in advance of it where potential obstacles are neutralized in advance of said run.

I have been vacillating that the activities in the North State are related to a possible LaMalfa / Nielsen / Gallagher and others office shuffle. James Gallagher’s wife is pregnant with twins due in May. These would be children 4 and 5. I believe that the notion of Gallagher wanting to go to Washington DC anytime now or in the immediate future is extremely remote.

Without getting deep in to the weeds, let’s have a look at the circumstances as I know them right now:

Large amounts of money spent to gain control of dozens, if not hundreds of delegates to the CAGOP.

Large amounts of money spent to gain control of county party central committees.

Those ousted are a collection of old-time Conservatives, Tea Partiers, State of Jefferson People and a handful of disruptors that needed to go. Again, not all those that were ousted were a bad thing.

All this said, as I looked across the paradigm, the increase of GOP Staffers and well-known and well-established GOP Consultants suddenly engaging in Local Central Committee politics exploded. My first reactions back in March of 2016 when I was seeing who was filing for County Central Committee in various areas was who, what and why?

The first thought was the Nielsen and/or LaMalfa retirement angle. While there is an increasingly slight chance of those being real, there is still a nexus for why dozens of people that are ordinarily annoyed with Central Committee Politics took a sudden interest.

A paycheck.

This leads me to Peter Thiel.

In 2010, a who’s who of GOP Consultants in California made thousands, some as much as $15,000 a month working for Meg Whitman. Peter Thiel has similar resources.

There is another complicating factor – while Peter Thiel was a a huge supporter of Donald Trump, he is gay. This is going to be an issue for about 15-20% of the voters in California.

The results of the 2016 GOP internal party elections represent the wholesale slaughter of Conservative / Tea Party Activists / State of Jefferson people. The leadership elections have seen a removal of the hardest of hardcore Trump supporters in favor of a group of establishment types many of whom were #nevertrump while others advised their candidates to stay away from Donald Trump.

Further, some Central Committees knew that loads of money would be spent in an effort to unseat them. They went to a caucus system in order to defend themselves from the large money. The by-laws of the state party were modified to strip those committees of their delegates. This was done in 2015. Did these people see a Peter Thiel coming back in 2015?

The people most likely to see Peter Thiel’s Gay-ness as a chance to gain more democrat votes are indeed those in power in most places of the State GOP. I could care less who Thiel sleeps with, but many of my friends in the establishment are obsessed with the Gay Marriage issue.

Lastly, there has been a movement to mid-term change the GOP platform to remove the support for traditional family values / marriage from the platform. The chatter about that has arisen in the last 6 months, this suggests that the Peter Thiel effort may well have had its’ genesis around July or 2016 when he spoke at the RNC Convention.

Plot all of this stuff on a straight line

By-Laws Changed to force Central Committees on to the ballot

GOP platform adopted that has less conservative language regarding Gay Rights

Consultants and Staffers file for Central Committees en masse

Millions spent on elections

Peter Theil arrives on the scene

Chatter begins about modifying GOP Platform

Post election aftermath with Staff and Consultants in open warfare with activists.

You tell me what this means?

Maybe it was not for Peter Thiel per-se, but it sure was about control and a paycheck. I am sure time will tell who, what, when, where and how much.

BTW – allow me to finish by saying, I am not opposed to Peter Thiel at this time. A lot of those Consultants and Staffers are Friends. A lot of those Activists are Friends as well. This is an attempt at a report on insider action and a search for context for it.

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