Jan 142017

I read a commentary from the NY Post that rattled me to my core.

Some Americans just don’t need much; they don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to have a 1,500-square-foot house, watch football and go to church on Sunday. They don’t want to leave their hometowns to come to Silicon Valley or Washington, DC, or Manhattan. They place great value on community and living near family and carrying out family traditions.

That’s not hate, that’s not stupidity, that’s not racism — it’s their own version of the American dream.

Even people in my own party don’t get this. The American Dream is a pretty wife, a nice comfortable home and a government that leaves us the hell alone. We want to be safe, have a retirement and access to the things we need to live. It is pretty simple.

We love little babies and are aghast when they are called fetuses and later are destroyed in the name of rights. This dehumanizing of people also has translated in to labels like stupid tea partiers, deplorables, racists, idiots, bible-thumpers, wackjobs, etc. When “Tea Partiers” become a batch of freaks that are viewed as a batch of wackos, it becomes very easy to justify spending millions on wholesale slaughter.

Then those in power look through the end of their noses at that, as if we are stupid retards for not wanting to be in office in DC, Sacramento or elsewhere. We lack ambition because wealth repulses us, cocktail parties look foreign and fake and hollywood actors look like cartoon characters from a video game. Politicians and Hollywood actors appear to live in a separated world far away from the rest of us.

Then those in power treat the small number of people that actually have the temerity to run for public office, like freaks who are disregarded with the list of above labels.

The “little people” as they are known are easy to manipulate – for a time. The “little people” are extremely difficult to organize in to a movement. This further feeds the disdain and the paternalistic superiority those in power feel towards them.

Some little guy files for party office and because he is not on a list, someone somewhere miles away spends more than that person’s annual income against them in an effort to deny them election. Then the cycle of anger amongst the naive, not politically in tune mass continues. (And the small consultant oligarchy enriches itself off of the largess of donors paying for said control)

I’ve seen many attempt to organize the little people for their own personal gain. Chuck DeVore and Tim Donnelly are two recent examples. There are other more minor players that attempted to create movements at the State GOP level. Again, the lack of character by the would be organizers doomed their efforts. Then, of course there are the PAC’s that steal millions from candidate campaigns such as the Move America ForwardPAC , Conservative Campaign Committee, America Deserves Better PAC, etc. I believe (and I am not alone) that Donnelly and DeVore are reprehensible human beings on a personal level and people’s allegiance to them is another factor that fuels the elitist disdain for the little people. (aka the lack of discernment, following a pied piper, etc.)

The whole thing sounds like the dems? Yes it does and yes it is part of their reality. But this appears to be the reality of the CAGOP. Back to the article:

First she said Middle America needs to realize “no educated person wants to live in a s- -t-hole with stupid people,” which is why she said more big corporations don’t move to the Heartland: “Those towns have nothing going for them,” with “no infrastructure, just a few bars and a terrible school system.”

Educated people such as herself wouldn’t live in rural areas because they won’t sacrifice their superior tolerance and diversity to do so. Nor do her highly educated friends want to live in states where the majority of residents “don’t want brown people to thrive.”

Yet another nugget from the article that was highlighting another rich elitist.

All over California, political consultants and legislative staffers are taking over county parties. They were put in position to do so by what I estimate to be $1.7 Million in expenditures. To what end? I’ve seen the finance reports. A small number of people made hundreds of thousands and appear to be setting up to make more by controlling what is left of the shattered CAGOP apparatus. Do they care about registering voters? Recruiting Candidates? Or is it the almighty endorsement?

And of course there was Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes acceptance speech, railing against Trump and his voters — delivered in a bejeweled dress in the company of people draped in clothing worth millions of dollars in an auditorium that looked like Versailles.

Her rip on people who prefer football and mixed martial arts as entertainment over high-art film was also telling.

Their comments are the exact kind of sneering condescension that provoked the election’s anti-elitism backlash, said Bruce Haynes, a GOP strategist in Washington. “And what is interesting is that we always suspected that these people felt this way, but now they are not even hiding behind the façade anymore.

Donald Trump won with a message to America about the unprotected class versus the protected class. It appears that the California GOP consultant oligarchy missed the memo. I am not looking forward to the spin from them once the purging is done…

When I wrote in the previous post that the California GOP has been transformed from an Activist Party in to a Consultant Party, It was not an original thought. The person I got the notion from was a democrat consultant whose understanding of this fact was used to defeat Republicans at the ballot box.

To be continued.

Jan 132017

Your intrepid blogger gets a lot of email forwards and anonymous letters.

One such letter found its’ way to my insurance office. It is so full of typos and grammatical errors, I am wondering if they were done deliberately to ensure that I’d not be able to identify the author(s).

Apparently, Mr. Kiley went on to a local TV station and was asked a variety of questions including the world famous left wing dog whistle questions about illegal aliens, sanctuary cities and the like.

Kevin Kiley is intelligent, and quite articulate. It appears that his answers were either a skillful dodge of the question or so nuanced that less educated people (Kiley is Ivy League) were unable to clearly understand what he said. I know Kiley and his platform of law and order were effective enough to propel him to the top of an 11 person primary race. It does not make sense that he’d support illegal immigration.

The letter was sent to me in hopes that I would post it (which I did), but that I’d also take up arms against Kiley for being a RINO. I do believe that Mr. Kiley deserves time in office to get his feet under him before anyone should pass judgement about weather he is a Republican, RINO, Liberal, Commie, Squish, etc.

A group calling itself “Trump Allies of California” claimed responsibility for the letter. The letter finishes with an ominous warning, “We are not surrender”.

In addition, Mr. Kiley recently waded in to the Placer GOP Cent Com leadership drama. I have been treated to a series of neurotic rants by Ken Campbell reminding everyone what a great job he did as Chairman and how no one since has come close. (This, ironically would include his ally in arms Thomas N Hudson)

Mr. Campbell conveniently neglects that in 2004 the Placer GOP (and other Cent Coms) received a lot of money from the RNC/Bush 2004 campaign for GOTV, something that has not happened since. Whoops. This, not anything the neurotic former Placer GOP Chairman did, was the main factor for the high activity level in 2004.

I also thought it was ironic that the photos Campbell have sent out include my family members in them as despite Mr. Campbell’s visceral hatred of my entire family, we did our part – that he now claims credit for and invokes to help get a flawed, dishonest candidate for Placer GOP Chair elected. This sort of dishonest behavior has characterized Ken Campbell for the 15 years I have known him. The Ken Campbell that donates time and money to local charities is the one I don’t know very well at all.

Mr. Kiley would have no way of knowing the history. When Kevin decided to endorse Dennis Revell, he did a “soft endorsement” including complementary words about Revell’s opponent in his email. The issue here is similar to the parsed words on the TV Station interview, unless you are crystal clear – people will slice and dice and hear what they want to.

Kevin Kiley is going to get attacked by Ken Campbell and those supporting the opponent to Dennis Revell because he did not side with them. It is black and white, no middle ground in their minds. This is why I refer to them as ideological narcissists, they believe they are right and nothing else matters, including the tactics used to win the war. They may not start in on him for a while, just to try to make a liar out of your intrepid blogger, but eventually they will no longer be able to restrain the deep burning inside of them.

The consequence of unclear, or parsed communication is one lesson most new to public office have to learn the hard way. Given that Kiley is becoming a defacto spokesman for the small GOP Caucus all over the state, (He was on LA’s top rated KFI radio yesterday blasting the hire of Eric Holder) I am hoping that his learning curve on this is short…

… because the “Trump Allies of California” have Mr. Kiley on their list as well as the torch-wielding Campbell crew.

I don’t share any of their concern about Mr. Kiley, yet. I for one am hopeful that Mr. Kiley will be effective and will achieve his potential as a member of the Assembly.

However, “they” will believe what they want as I can already smell the burning wicks and “they” will be one hell of a nightmare for Mr. Kiley and anyone else that does not better manage their communication.

Personal note for comparison – I don’t mince words, so at least the people that want to do mean things to me have a real excuse for not liking me.

Jan 092017

See the inserted Jpeg. The Sutter-Yuba Tea Party along with the Sutter-Yuba Impact Republicans is hosting a party. It is on 1/20/2017 to correspond with the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will remember that Hillary Clinton called Trump’s supporters a “Basket of Deplorables”. A new term was born: a Deplor-a-ball to signify a party for a group of Trump supporters.

Well, It was brought to my attention that people who may or may not include Elaine Miles (remember the person who was sued and ended up with a Judgement against her for vandalism?) and Liz Cervantes are leading an effort to have a competing event on the same day. (Nothing has been announced as of yet – but Cervantes did speak loudly that no one should attend the Deplor-a-ball)

I told Larry and Carla Virga that this is standard, as when I was president of the Placer RA, Ken Campbell the then chairman of the Placer GOP used to deliberately schedule Placer GOP events the week before ours in order to try to depress our turnout.

We still ended up with the largest legitimate unit in the CRA despite the best efforts of the alleged conservative Ken Campbell. We raised and spent thousands of dollars despite the efforts of Ken Campbell. Now the core group that defected from the RA has formed the Placer IR which just got done unseating two democrats from local office and torching two more in 2016, while recruiting dozens of new members never before a part of a GOP Group.

The Sutter-Yuba IR is full of people that had never been a part of a GOP group before. Apparently, this is more than the leadership of the Sutter GOP can handle. They should just leave well enough alone and let the IR / Tea Party do their thing, while they, the Sutter GOP do theirs. There is no way in —- that the Partisan GOP electeds in the area are happy with this turn of events or are supporting the hostility of the Sutter GOP leadership. (Some may dislike me intensely, but they recognize the state of the GOP in California as a whole and are eschewing open warfare)

You can add this anecdote to the list of why the CAGOP is at 27% and falling. I will also note that many of the current members of the Sutter GOP that are actively fighting with local volunteer groups were supported by the Consultant Oligarchy I referred to in my previous post. It continues to mystify me as to what they are trying to accomplish because the results are chaos. There is no way they wanted open warfare when they chose to spend the money they did.

BTW – Buy tickets to the event to support that group, they are good people.

Jan 082017

The Placer GOP is a microcosm of what is going on in the State GOP.

ON Tue 1/17, the Placer GOP will meet to organize. This includes electing officers.

It is not clear who is going to win. This is a sad irony as in 2012, 100K+ was spent on Mail and Slate Mail Cards attempting to influence the outcome of the election. In 2012, the Tea Party were supported by the consultants and donors over then members of the CRA. In 2016, the Tea Party were largely passed over by the Donors/Consultants in favor of Staffers and a collection of local moderates and country-clubbers.  As a result, there has been paralysis within the Placer GOP since the jihad against the Andy Pugno supporters from 2012 was launched.

Those of us that supported Andy Pugno have been vindicated as the Tea Partiers have turned on their masters because they (even though they have been extremely slow on the uptake) have learned the truth about the Gaines who we rebelled against in 2011. In 2012, Myself and others were punished by the Consultant Oligarchy for not supporting the incumbents.

Today’s Placer GOP fight pits a team of pseudo-conservative malconents, and real conservative activists against a coalition of Legislative Staff, Country-Clubbers and Moderates. It is amazing as the good people on the opposition side are not the leaders of it.

This sort of bizarre dynamic is playing out all over the State. Placer is an exception to the rule as the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister, the Neurotic Former Placer GOP Chairman and the former Police Detective are actually organized and have a group with regular meetings. This is an amazing accomplishment that I give a non-sarcastic hat-tip to as most groups of conservatives devolve in to pseudo-ideological battles for superiority of purity. California has dozens, if not hundreds of tea party and Conservative Splinter Groups. The Conservative side is not organized as a rule and this is one of the reasons that the Moderates / Consultant Oligarchy control everything (such as it is) in the CAGOP.

There are about 4 moderate groups and one oligarchy of Consultants surrounding one mega-donor Charles Munger.

In 2016, Mr. Munger paid a who’s who of Republican Consultants, many of whom have lost a ton of races in recent years, a ton of money to influence the results of safe-seat primaries and county party elections. Mr. Munger also spent money attempting to save liberal Republican David Hadley, who was defeated. He spent heavily on another moderate, Ling-Ling Chang for State Senate who was defeated by 3,000 votes. There were others, as well.

Amazingly, locally, they spent about $200k on Bill Halldin before coming to the conclusion that Halldin was not going to beat Kevin Kiley. But they spent over $300k attacking Andy Pugno.

Without belaboring the effectiveness of the mail (or lack thereof), etc. that these consultants were paid thousands to run, let’s take a look at the numbers (which are my estimations):

Appx $1.7 Million spent on County Party Races. They mailed in to counties from Shasta all the way to San Diego. The targets were long time known Conservative Activists in many places. In other places, the targets were people that the consultant oligarchy had a personal beef with. I am not sure if Mr. Munger was fully aware of the second nexus when he wrote the checks. The beneficiaries in all cases were the moderates, country clubbers and conservatives seen most likely to align with the interests of the consultant oligarchy.

Appx $500k was spent putting a string of Republican Candidates on the ballot in hopeless districts. Each of these will get 1-5 Convention Delegates to the State Party. In some cases, slate mail cards were purchased.

The above two expenditures are the reason why I estimate that the Consultant Oligarchy has direct control of half the delegates to the CAGOP and has sway over another 25%.

Appx $6 Million was spent on an array of legislative races. AD12 saw Mr. Munger invest heavily defeating stalwart Conservative Ken Vogel in favor of the socially liberal Heath Flora. AD12 is one of a handful of safe Republican Assembly seats. I also mentioned three other races that saw significant expenditures – there were others.

To the best of my knowledge, there were few, if any other significant independent efforts on behalf of Republicans by other groups (other than CREPAC). It could be said that Charles Munger is about the only game in town for Republicans looking to do independent (or benefit from) expenditures. The usual suspects participated with Munger on a much smaller scale.

Everyone has a theory for why the CAGOP has gone in to the toilet. Let me summarize the most popular:

  1. Pro-Life is a loser
  2. Yes on Prop 8 is a loser
  3. Prop 187 (the English Only thing) from 24 years ago stil haunts the GOP
  4. Failure to do minority outreach

But the one you never hear is about the shrinking oligarchy that has systematically centralized control over candidate recruitment, finance and the day to day operations of the party itself. The California Republican Party has become the Consultant Party, not the Activist Party.

The problem is, when so many of the activists are flawed, contemptible, personally corrupt people – can you blame those with Money for spending a ton of it trying to keep them out? Their unstable behavior certainly makes those seeking to buy control of everything have a much easier time justifying why.

Welcome to the Placer GOP Cent Com fight. The leaders of the opposition – who I agree with on the issues of the day (even though at least two of them were not Trump Supporters) are people I neither trust nor respect.

In Ohio, just yesterday, the John Kasich team was swept out of power by the Trump supporters. In the prior election, Trump decimated the democrats from top to bottom in Ohio. In California, many on the Conservative side and liberal side missed the Trump Train completely. In fact, the new CAGOP Vice Chair was a nevertrumper, a former CAGOP Chair was the leader of it in California and still another Conservative Blogger/Consultant from Orange County admitted in his recent post advocating for people to unify behind Trump that he did his part to help Trump lose California by 4.28 Million Votes!

California is Special. We seem to be immune from what other states are learning and figuring out. Ohio and Iowa don’t look to be so swingy any more, they look light red. Wisconsin has gone GOP top to bottom because of strong leadership with a clear vision…

… I believe Jim Brulte has a vision. I support his re-election as State Chair. But, beyond him where is it?

I am not sure if Kristen Olsen the newly appointed CAGOP Vice-Chair has such a vision as she was virulently Anti-Trump.

I take note that Anti-Trump David Hadley was unseated. Anti-Trump Scott Jones lost a Congressional Race he should have won. Jeff Denham and David Valadao – who were hammered by the dems over trump – never publicly bailed on trump and both survived.

Has Kristen Olsen figured this dynamic out yet? Has the consultant oligarchy figured this out yet?

What are any of the aforementioned going to do to invigorate the party? Or is it simply about control as I am of the belief that it is.

And back again to the Placer GOP. The three “conservative leaders” also fail both of the above tests. They lack vision, but crave control. However, the actions of the Consultant Oligarchy have basically justified their behavior, reinforcing the concept of the donors and party insiders taking over everything. What a great circle. The Consultants taking control of everything and the Activists fighting against it, causing the consultants to use their insane, unstable behavior as a justification to spend more money.

AS I wrote at the beginning, I have no idea who will win the leadership war in Placer. I am publicly supporting the “establishment guy” Dennis Revell.

What I can tell you  with certainty is this. If the opposition wins, there will be no money for the Placer GOP, because these so-called fiscal conservatives are deign to put their own money behind their activism (even though in my estimation, both Ken Campbell and Thomas N Hudson are multi-millionaires). If Mr. Revell and company win, will the Consultant Oligarchy abandon him once again as they did in 2012 when he was first elected?

You know what I think the answer is. Look at California – if it was not for Jim Brulte, the CAGOP would be dead. And, ironically, if it was not for millions spent registering voters by Charles Munger, the state GOP would already be at 20%.

Jan 052017

Ok – I am biased. I am married to her. She is in to recovery, healing and restoration. I am in to politics, enough said. So, here is her propaganda:

Inspirational Writer • Radio Host • Producer • Emcee

Jodie Stevens hosts the Fish Family Morning Show weekdays from 6-10 AM on 103.9 the Fish in Sacramento, CA.  You can listen to these stories during her weekday morning ‘Genuine Life’ segments too. Click here to check one of them out! Jodie hopes these stories and devotionals will inspire you to live a better life regardless of your circumstances and your past.  Jodie lives in Roseville, CA with her husband Aaron. She enjoys hiking, skiing, traveling, theater, decorating, music, movies, writing, and reading.

I took the liberty of cutting and pasting one of her recent blogs here – you can click here to read it and others

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day.’ The state of your heart wasn’t built in a day either, or the state of your life. Your situation now (whether good or bad) is most likely a culmination of the patterns and habits of every day prior, each happening ‘one day at a time.’

If you’re struggling with doubt, self-pity, anger, lust, weight, addiction, or any other emotional or habitual difficulty, remember that the formation of these troubles and pains were created over years and years, and usually it takes years and years to undo them.

 I’ve seen addicts relapse and businesses fall apart because people were moving ahead too quickly.

A great example is how losing weight is one of the top new year’s resolutions. And yet almost 90% of people quit going to the gym by the time March rolls around.

There is a reason recovery programs teach living ‘one day at a time.’

An addict can only stay sober one day at a time and weight comes off one pound at a time. Making a commitment to change requires constant effort over time with accountability to stay the course.

Looking at the big picture never hurts but if you stay there you will overwhelm yourself with how far you have to go and be tempted to quit.

Take apart the large goal by setting small goals for yourself and reward yourself for achieving them. And if you mess up, you can begin again tomorrow.  But, pick yourself up and restart.

This way the failures, if you have them, are small and not devastating.

Leave it to a famous historical figure who had a few failures himself to sum it all up. (He ran for office and lost several times before eventually being elected President of the United States.) Abraham Lincoln said, The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”