Jan 312017

Do not lose focus. Trump has gotten more done in 1 1/2 weeks than some politicians do in their entire terms.

The democrats have chosen the race card and the muslim card as the hill they will die on. The election proved that the Race Card has lost its’ punch and is losing its’ punch.

Somewhere in their eminent brilliance they have convinced themselves that they have to abandon everything to “get” Trump. This includes procedural delays on confirming his Cabinet Picks and of course filibustering the next Supreme Court Pick.

As I wrote previously, they are also creating riots again in order to try to cower linguine-spined moderate Republicans in to bailing out. (They need three in the Senate)

The Democrats have a lot of problems, chief amongst them is having 24 US Senate Seats to defend in 2018 and reduced minority voter turnout that always happens in a mid-term election.

The dems will not be able to run to latino voters to tell them they will get deported if Trump wins. The dems will not be able to run their usual talking points to Black Voters. Trump tripled Romney’s share of Black Americans, and it will get higher as the economy starts to escalate.

The facts really don’t matter here – Carter, Clinton and Obama did travel bans. In fact, Obama slammed the door shut on 1100 Cuban Refugees in the waning days of his Presidency when he was on a narcissistic rage.

The Democrats have positioned themselves in to a bear trap. Trump releases the shackles on businesses – the scream “rule by decree”. Trump follows through on campaign promises to build the wall and curb immigration – “He’s a Racist!”. What is good for America is bad for the democrats.

And the democrats are in the embarrassing position of rioting and screaming for the rights of Muslims, while Christians are being massacred all over the world. 70+% of Americans have a negative view of Muslims and even more support the temporary ban. Whoops.

So then predictably, the pollsters came out with their polls saying that Donald Trump is the first President in History to go in to the negatives on Approval this soon in to his presidency.

Ummm, as I recall he was “disliked” by over 60% of America when he won the election!

Then there is this neat tidbit – Trump was allegedly losing to Hillary Clinton by 10-13 points as late as 10/26 (three weeks before election day after people had started voting in many states!)

For Trump to be unpopular this early in to his term, it means that people dislike him for keeping his campaign promises. Let that sink in. The number one issue most average people have with their electeds is that they don’t keep their promises. The Media is stuck in a bear trap they will double down on until they die.

Remember, Clinton won by 2.8%, but without California, Trump wins the popular vote.

Don’t take your eyes off the ball people. Trump is winning and the media and the democrats can’t stand it.

He is doing a few unprecedented things – he is checking off his campaign promises like a to-do list.

He is immune to his critics, insofar as he continues with his agenda despite them

And Trump has 22 Million and climbing following him on Twitter who he can go to directly to circumvent the media. How sweet it is.

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