Dec 032016

blog-with-no-postsI have been in contact over the last several months with a ton of Trump Volunteers. Few, if any have anything good to say about Tim Clark.

As of the time I am writing this email, Donald Trump’s historic loss in California is over 4 Million Votes. The ripple effect down the ballot all over the state has been felt as Republicans were unseated everywhere. I will dive in to that later.

I have been told by reliable capitol sources that John Moorlach is going to mess over his current Chief of Staff and rehire Tim Clark. (If he has not already done so)

This is people’s exhibit A for the demise of the Republican Party in California. Tim Clark did less than nothing for Donald Trump and John Moorlach did less than nothing for the Orange County Republican Party while Young Kim and Ling Ling Chang were defeated in their elections.

Attached is a screenshot of the Team Trump California WordPress site blog page. This was announced in an email sent out with Tim Clark’s name on it. (I have been told that Clark did not even write most of the emails that had his name on them)

The blog has no entries at all and 48 lifetime visits. This is the world of campaigns run by Tim Clark.

I had been told by several Republican activists that Tim Clark said his primary effort was the re-election of John Moorlach – said while he was allegedly on Donald Trump’s Payroll. One could draw the conclusion that Clark was maintaining his state paycheck while the State of California was caught in a blue forest fire.

To a lesser extent John Moorlach, but to a major extent Tim Clark bears a lot of responsibility for the democrat super-majority and their significant gains in local non-partisan offices that occurred in 2016.

One can not simply explain away a presidential candidate losing a single state by more than double the margin of loss nationally. However, when Tim Clark is involved, you can. Stay tuned.

Dec 022016

You have to know the Gaines to understand why they behave the way they do. If someone thinks having a complete disaster of a human being like Sssssteve Davey as an advisor is a mistake, think again. Officeholders typically surround themselves with people who reflect who they are.

Beth Gaines, on the heels of her humiliating drubbing has some leftover money to spend. She spent money out of her 2014 officeholder account on some Name-ID boosting mail in anticipation of her 2019 run for State Senate after Ted Gaines wins his BOE race. Please note – we will be supporting (fill in the name of Republican Candidate Here) over Ted Gaines in that race.

The entire state of California is turning blue. El Dorado County’s 1st Sup District is already an area that is purple and a democrat, John Hidahl blew Beth Gaines out. The plan was for Beth Gaines to get a paycheck from El Dorado County for a few years. IN the meantime, her Husband, Ted Gaines is already spending money and raising money for a 2018 Run for Board of Equalization. The Gaines have moved 3 times and are going to have a tough decision to make as Roseville is NOT in the State Senate Seat currently infested by Mr. Gaines.

Thanks to the heroic campaign and service to California of John Hidahl – that plan has been scuttled. Now, Beth Gaines will be forced out of AD06 in favor of the talented Kevin Kiley by term limits.

In addition to having an AssemblyMember that can complete a sentence on the floor of the Assembly, AD06 will actually have an Assemblymember that gives a rip.

Should Ted Gaines win his BOE race, the logical choice was for Beth Gaines to run in a 2019 Special Election for Ted Gaines State Senate Seat. In 2011, the Gaines Dynasty was born when Ted Gaines and Steve Davey thought it would be a great idea to betray dozens of long-term relationships and install Beth in to the Assembly.

Because the feckless CA Establishment would rather be tortured by ISIS than deal with lousy incumbents – they invested $1.5 million on Gaines in 2012 to help her fend off a challenge from Andy Pugno. Once that was done, they also spent money on revenge against Pugno’s supporters. But – Beth Gaines never won a competitive race on her own. John Hidahl proved that.

This is why the 2019 Special Election set up for the next sequence of state paychecks was necessary.

With the plan unraveled, back to the mailer from Gaines. Take a look at the front and back of it. It did NOT arrive in Roseville, as Roseville is in SD04 not SD01.

It is pretty clear – it is a mailer about transportation issues – a la Measure M… but it focuses along Hwy 50. 2/3 of the population of AD06 is affected by I-80. One thing I have learned about the Gaines, they are dumb as bricks. Another thing I have learned about the Gaines, they are of above average intelligence at getting even with people. In this case, the recipients of the revenge are the people in the Placer County portion of AD06 who were responsible for running Beth Gaines out to El Dorado County to unsuccessfully seek her next office.

We are not rid of the Gaines cancer yet. Ted Gaines will be on the ballot in 2018, and remember, if he wins that race you will see Beth Gaines on your ballot. Meanwhile, Donald Trump lost California by 4.1 million votes and the GOP is now below 1/3 in both houses of the State Legislature. Neither Gaines care how few Republicans end up in office, as long as THEY are one of them.

Dec 012016

                                                     December 1, 2016

Dear Aaron,

I’m excited to formally announce my intention to run for re-election as Chair of the Placer County Republican Party in January 2017.

For the past four years, my top priority has been keeping my promises to you and the Republican Party, to: 

  • bring a new spirit of leadership to the Placer County Republican Central Committee (PCRCC);
  • demonstrate a new approach with a focus on transparency and legitimacy of the process;
  • perform our core responsibilities utilizing today’s technology and communicating in a style that will reach and “influence” the new and “uncommitted” voters; and
  • have a united focus on electing and re-electing competent, conservative Republicans to federal, state, regional and local offices.

Throughout my term as Chair, I have said we cannot critique our candidates for failing to adhere to a standard that we ourselves are not willing to abide by. Voters are often critical of elected representatives that are more interested and involved in securing their next elected position rather than dutifully attending to the responsibilities of the office they currently hold. Now with a very successful election behind us, I feel I can redirect my energies and focus from electing and re-electing Republicans, particularly at the local level, to ask for your support of my continued leadership of our team.

While some might find my Republican Party resume or my role in the recent Trump Presidential Campaign (CA Trump Delegate to the 2016 RNC Convention; CA Trump Surrogate; Member of CA Trump Campaign Communication and Transition Communication Teams; and CA Trump Electoral College Member) or my selection as a delegate to the Convention of States relevant to their decision to support me; I believe “Our Achievements” during my term as Chair ( End of Term Report) speaks volumes as to not only the enormous responsibilities of the position but the leadership I exhibited to unleash the talents, resources and energy found in our Central Committee members and alternates.

Serving as your Chair has been a tremendous honor and one I do not take for granted. I wake up every morning humbled by the responsibility given me almost four years ago. We still have so much work to do and must recognize both the necessity and the benefit of reaching out to younger voters, independent/NPP voters, Pro-Trump voters and emerging ethnic/cultural constituencies in Placer County.

It is because of both “Our Achievements” and “Our Challenges” that I am running for re-election as Chair of the Placer County Republican Party. I would like to help lead the effort to continue what we started four years ago and, with your help and involvement, make the next four years even better. I would be honored to have your vote and support as we continue this great undertaking.