Dec 282016

I’ve written ad naseum about Tim Clark and the failure of the campaign in the West.

The Center of America was the part that delivered Trump the White House, but not to be overlooked was the eastern seaboard.

Early in the evening, the media were touting the win of Hillary Clinton in Virginia as a good sign for her. Virginia is a state that was targeted (along with Colorado) by Obama for mass influxes of Refugees. Long time Clinton ally and staffer Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe took some amazing actions to give thousands of felons the right to vote as well in the months leading up to the election.

Despite this – Hillary Clinton had a polling average of +5, Obama won VA by 3.9 in 2012 and Clinton won by 5.4. Given the extraordinary amount of work on Virginia, that result is disappointing for the dems. Add to this that Trump wrote off Virginia, doing only token efforts there to keep Clinton’s assets tied down and you understand quickly that Trump could win Virginia in 2020.

Another “Bright Spot” for Hillary Clinton was New England. There were polls suggesting that Trump could compete in some of the States in the North East. Clinton won RI, CT, DE and NJ by 14-16 points, smaller margins than Obama. However, all were not competitive. Of concern to the dems should be the counties in all these states that turned Red. Trump even flipped a county in Vermont.

New Hampshire was the closest result in America. Less than 3,000 votes – but ironically was not targeted for a recount by Jill Stein. (wonder why?) The Polling Average had her up .3, she won by .6. This was a major departure from the Obama win by 5.6 in 2012 and the massacre of John McCain by 12 in 2008.

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The biggest #EPICFAIL for Clinton was in Maine. Donald Trump won ME-02 by 10.4, an amazing swing of 20 points from Obama’s win in 2012. Trump came within 2.7 of winning Maine itself, that a swing of 13 points from 2012 as well.

Hillary Clinton was forced to spend something like $30 million on NH and Maine to defend 8 Electoral Votes – at that, Trump picked one of them off as Maine splits its’ votes.

This is where the wins on the East Coast for Clinton Stop. She of course carried DC, VT, MD, NY and MA – those states would be the last to fall should there ever be a landslide for a Republican again.

Clinton Spent $30 million on Georgia. She managed to narrow the margin of defeat from Obama -7.8 to a loss of 5.2. #EPICFAIL

The losers in the Media alleged that South Carolina was in play at several points. Trump won by 14.1.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign determined that the election would be won in North Carolina and Florida. They devoted an estimated $300 million total on those states.

Mitt Romney won North Carolina by 2 in 2012. The Polling Average had Trump up by 1. Trump actually won by 3.7%. This was devastating for Clinton and when North Carolina was called, it was a watershed moment in the evening.

Obama carried Florida by .9% in 2012. The Polling Average had Trump up by .2. Trump ended up winning by 1.1. Again – despite massive spending and multiple appearances by Obama.

Pennsylvania was arguably the biggest win of the evening. While it was not as shocking as Wisconsin (that no one saw coming), PA is a massive 20 Electoral Vote Prize. Obama won PA by 5.4% in 2012. The polling Average had Clinton up 1.9. Trump won by .8%. This was the clincher as it was the state that put Trump over 270 on election night. PA went Republican for the first time since 1988.

The Western US was a disaster for Trump (led by Tim Clark). The Central US was amazing for Trump and while the east was Mixed, there were key wins all over the east for Mr. Trump.

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