Dec 222016

If you are a party insider – you got an email and a letter signed by The Trump Chair (Clark), the Cruz Chair and the Kasich Chair in California extolling the virtues of Jim Brulte our party chairman. (Whose re-election I wholeheartedly support)

Seemed pretty neat – like a call for unity after the historic drubbing in CA led by Mr. Clark.

Then I saw the attached on Facebook – it basically implicates Jim Brulte as the culprit for Donald Trump’s 4.3 Million Vote loss and again suggests that the CAGOP opposed Trump. Both are absurd suggestions.

Mr. Brulte’s email went out to a ton of Trump supporters and within a day, this pops up all over Facebook.

California turned a darker shade of Blue, is it time the change the leadership they ask. Having dealt with groups like the CRA, I get what the risks of such outreach are. You would think Tim Clark would have warned Mr. Brulte of the risks. It is not far fetched to wonder if Mr. Clark set Mr. Brulte up as a straw man for those looking for someone to blame.

(Donald Trump lost California by 4.28 Million Votes while Tim Clark was paid $119K and counting by the Trump Campaign. Mr. Clark owns this and any attempt to blame anyone else is ludicrous)

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  3 Responses to “Did Tim Clark Just Throw CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte Under The Bus?”

  1. I have a Fox Business tv interview from early 2013 where Harmeet Dhillon clearly states Brulte and herself will turn California red by 2020. Just saying

  2. Tim Clark actually told the delegation in July that Trump was going to win California.

  3. So they all lie to get ahead… go figure. :/

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