Nov 102016

elemtsI have been a long-time critic of Doug Elmets. Like most aging men who are trying to hang on to relevance, ego takes over and the flame-out begins.

Doug Elmets will tell you ad-naseum, he is a Republican and that he worked for Ronald Reagan. Reagan is rolling in his grave at what Elmets has become.

Those of us that knew him well, knew that a National explosion of his ghastly Ego was coming.

Some of the indicators that Elmets was a loser were there. Once Elmets sold out for his thirty pieces of Clinton Foundation Silver, GOP.COM quickly popped this “Republican” as a whore democrat donor.

Doug Elmets has a reputation of being a shameless self-promoter, and like many of the Conservatives I hammer for egomenical narcissism, this alleged “Moderate Republican” was pushing his past affiliation with Ronald Reagan for a political paycheck. Pictured is his post of his press-pass at the democrat national convention. Linked here is the fruits of him whoring himself for press attention from the Sacramento Bee.

There is a problem for Doug Elmets. He screwed over Roseville First 2016 as they sent one tiny piece of mail in support of Richard Roccucci, that was it. Roccucci lost badly as Elmets was spending time with his fellow democrats at the NY Times doing interviews repeating the same lies and attacks against Donald Trump. Roccucci get left in the lerch as Elmets had bigger fish to fry.

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306-232There is a second problem for Doug Elmets. He appeared in attack ads done by Hillary Clinton against President-Elect Donald Trump.

Included here for your reference is a picture of the electoral map. Despite the best efforts of Mr. Elmets,  Hillary Clinton got hammered in the electoral college.

Doug Elmets is a paid consultant for the Auburn Rancheria, making an alleged $15,000 a month. He is on the A-List of a bunch of people that have to call him to deal with the Auburn Rancheria. It must suck to be Doug Elmets now, as he has to deal with a bunch of people that think he is a fool.

I am sure Roseville First 2016 is going to dump Doug Elmets as fast as Hillary Clinton got dumped by America.

P.S. Linked here is a story I wrote about Elmets selling Roseville First 2016 down the river.

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