Nov 102016

Many of you that read this blog regularly know I have no use for Beth Gaines or Ted Gaines. They represent the worst politics has to offer:

  1. They play Christian when it suits them
  2. They discard political allies at a whim and are loyal to no one
  3. They are always looking at the next office beyond the one they are in

Beth Gaines shopped for three offices to run for, and settled on running for El Dorado County Supervisor after determining that she could not beat Kirk Uhler in Placer and the wise now-retired Roberta MacGlashan waited until Gaines moved to a rented house in Serrano to retire. N/E Sacramento County was spared Beth Gaines and will soon be represented by Sue Frost.

El Dorado County had to rid itself of the Gaines cancer. Beth Gaines used a bunch of money she raised in to her Assembly account to build a seemingly insurmountable lead for herself. She believed she had the name ID and good will in El Dorado County to use them for her next government paycheck.

Then along came John Hidahl, a 40 year resident of the area. Hidahl ran a modest, but straightforward campaign. Hidahl was known to people and rooted in the area and is notably able to complete full sentences extemporaneously.

One of the best moments of the evening was getting a text message from a friend showing Gaines trailing Hidahl in the runoff by a massive 17 points. That margin held throughout the night.

A man I believe to be a sexual predator, who was reportedly (as told to me by several in the Capitol) fired by the State Senate Rules committee for multiple documented and real sexual harassment complaints, Steve Davey was her campaign manager. Davey needed a paycheck once he was forced out of Sacramento.

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This is humiliating for Sssssteve Davey as well as his departure from Ted Gaines office was spun as a promotion in to him running his own consulting business. I hope someday to have a candidate running against one of his, and anyone that knows how to treat women and whose IQ is above plant life should relish the chance to square off against Davey in a campaign.

Beth Gaines was supposed to occupy an El Dorado County Supervisor seat for 2.5 years and then Run for State Senate in a Special Election in 2019. The idea was that her name ID could carry her in to office like it did in a special election in 2011.

Then the feckless, incompetent team of Beth Gaines and Steve Davey got their asses kicked.

Ted Gaines, just re-elected to his final term in the State Senate is already lining up his run for Board of Equalization in 2018. He has moved money and raised money and is buying slate mail cards in preparation for that run. I am told that Gaines, whose district runs all the way to the Oregon Border is rarely ever seen North of Auburn.

The defeat of Beth Gaines puts a major crimp in the best laid plans of team Gaines. After the establishment (who lost badly on the GOP side in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump) funded Gaines re-election in 2012 despite their knowledge of her incompetence and lack of character, it has been a long wait for justice for the betrayals of many in South Placer.

We will still have to beat her one more time in 2019 should Ted Gaines win his BOE race in 2018. That will be a very different election as donors have little to fear from a BOE member versus a sitting State Senator leveraging that position to force donors in to supporting an unqualified spouse. We will have a chance to get rid of the Gaines scourge in California if we stop Ted Gaines for BOE in 2018, as Ted will be forced out of his 15 year infestation of state-level office by term limits in 2020.

For now, I will enjoy some justice for those that Ssssteve Davey and the Gaines have hurt – knowing full well that their sense of entitlement to public office will never stop.

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