Oct 122016

gainesIN usual Gaines fashion, when asked, they try to avoid the question.

Thank you to former Placer County Supervisor Bruce Kranz – who they helped unseat in favor of extreme left-wing liberal activist Jennifer Montgomery. (She always finds an excuse to vote against every development project, more on that soon)

If you are a Trump Supporter – look up AssemblyWoman Beth Gaines and State Senator Ted Gaines and demand their staff (because they will never talk to you themselves unless you’re a donor) explain why they are spineless turncoats.

Don’t believe me? Click this link. You will also see that Congressman LaMalfa was equally as circumspect when he responded – again underlining the clear leadership of McClintock on this issue.

BTW – Beth Gaines shopped for three offices to run for before “moving” to El Dorado County to run for supervisor. Make sure you vote for John Hidahl if you live in El Dorado County Supervisorial District 1. I don’t know a damn thing about him, but he is NOT Beth Gaines.

Also note that Ted Gaines has begun buying slate mail cards and fundraising for his next run for office in 2018. Make a note and kick his ass for being a Hillary Clinton supporter.

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One thing this does mean is that anyone in a district the Gaines’ infest is released from any moral obligation to support them if they are the nominee of the GOP.

— end of Rant —

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  One Response to “Ted Gaines + Beth Gaines, Office Shoppers and Hillary Clinton Supporters”

  1. Beth Gaines is another Gaines’ who will do anything to get elected. I saw her at a Loomis candidates night when she first ran against John Allard for the Assembly seat she eventually won. Her presentation was absolutely dismal, the worst of all the candidates. Her “claim to fame” was her marriage to Ted Gaines. John Allard was clearly the best candidate for the Assembly seat. Ted Gaines abandoned John Allard for his own gain, as he did with me, Congressman Doolittle, and Rocky Rockholm.

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