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IMG_4693 (1)I wrote the following about Gary Miller in a post dated 8/18 with a summary of the Cast of Characters running for local office:

The Roseville City School Board is a different deal – Extreme Left Wing Homosexual Activist Board Member Gary Miller recruited democrats to run for that board in an attempt to engineer a democrat takeover of it. Gary Miller is out and proud for 40+ years, by the way lest you think I am “outing” him. The overriding issue here is Miller and his demonstrated disdain for conservatives and people of faith.

Mr. Miller apparently went berzerk. Either he has an over-inflated opinion of himself or he simply goes bonkers over the truth.

I did receive a facebook message from him, several forwarded emails and accounts of at least two phone calls with other people. I am proud that Mr. Miller has elevated me to the ranks of “Homophobe” along with every other person of faith who supported Proposition 8.

Miller is one of those that has fallen in the the common trap where his lifestyle, politics, personal beliefs and status are so meshed that if you support traditional marriage, you’re a bigot.

Of course in an email – he attempted to contest the point about his antipathy for people of faith. I will have plenty to say about that very soon.

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Here are some biographical points about Miller from www.outhistory.org – a Website with Historical and factual data about out and proud leaders in America.:

Conscientious Objector
These were the years when young men had to register for the draft. The teachings of Jesus, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi told me killing was wrong and evil begets evil. I applied for a Conscientious Objector status.

The draft board refused my request and I was then forced to take a physical. I wore peace symbols on my jockey brief butt cheeks. I answered all their questions truthfully, including “Have you ever had a homosexual experience.” I said “yes.”  They finally gave me a 4F classification.

So, he skipped out of serving in Vietnam. I have several family members that served in Vietnam. I find his anti-American stand offensive. But it makes sense why he loves the patently unpatriotic Barack Obama.

I also find it outrageous that he demands special treatment and rights from a country he refused to serve when called upon. Perhaps this is why he is playing the Bigot card similar to Hillary Clinton playing the race card against Donald Trump.

Gary Miller is wrong for Roseville. Gary Miller has made his homosexuality as much of an issue as I make my sobriety – as in we wear them on our shirtsleeve. If someone calls me a drunk, I say exactly with a smile while they are guzzling their box wine. When I called Miller on his behavior, wrong-headed politics and attitude toward those he disagrees with, I am instantly a homophobe. Miller wants all the accolades of being out without the scrutiny of being called on it in a political sense.

He wants to continue in a position of responsibility for our children’s education with his world view. That would be about as ridiculous as buying me a liquor store to manage.

Miller’s Biography is an accomplished list of a hard-left activism focused primarily on Homosexual issues – long before LGBTQ was ever a term. If you’re reading this blog regularly, fasten your seat-belt because Mr. Miller has earned a 9 week feature on RightonDaily. This is how I deal with people that call me a racist or the equivalent, especially those I have never met in person.

Miller is not just a Democrat, but he is a malignant extreme-left wing activist democrat. He has no business in office anywhere, much less in Roseville.

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