Oct 182016

Subservience. There is that word again. In today’s political world, the grip of it is being loosened and railed against.

Ted and Beth Gaines have been used to having a world of donors who donated to them because of Ted Gaines being a State Senator. Then, out of fear of reprisal, they did not donate to her opponents.

There is no real loyalty to the Gaines, only the feckless establishment that would rather have body parts amputated without anesthesia than accept change from the status quo. This is why I am proud of the El Dorado Mountain Democrat for finally putting down the kool-aid and for conquering their fears of reprisal and doing the RIGHT THING for El Dorado County.

Yes, John Hidahl is a dem, I get that. Beth Gaines makes me embarrassed to be a Republican. So, guess what – the solution is vote for the democrat to treat the cancer.

Let me give you a rundown:

Ted Gaines refused to terminate an out of control staffer who had numerous complaints of bona-fide harassment. This same staffer was fired by the State of CA and is now running Beth Gaines’ Supervisor Campaign. My sources are Capitol Staff and former Gaines Staff. The State of CA won’t talk about a personnel matter publicly. In case you don’t know who I am referring to, that would be a monster named Steve Davey. Based on my personal interactions with Steve Davey, the fact that he is a serial abuser of women is no surprise whatsoever.

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The fact that the pseudo-Christian Ted Gaines would let this monster continue his reign of terror over his staff is reprehensible and a partial birth abortion of leadership. That alone is a reason to never support a Gaines again.

Ted and Beth Gaines betrayed dozens of long-standing relationships to shop for offices to run for and did so on multiple occasions.

Beth Gaines vetted a run against Kirk Uhler and then attempted to run for Roberta MacGlashan’s seat. MacGlashan waited for Gaines to actually move to El Dorado County before she retired.

Most of Beth Gaines’ money is from transferred money from donors thinking they were giving to a state-level race.

Beth Gaines has been so incompetent in the legislature that she had to vote against her own amendment to a bill because of a drafting error and she avoids speaking from the floor. This comes amidst the revelation that she is the smarter of the two Gaines.

Ted Gaines is already buying slate mail cards for his next run in 2018. This means the plan is for Beth Gaines to run for State Senate in 2019 in a special election because she would be at a severe disadvantage in a regular election. This means then, that the voters of El Dorado County are being used once again for a paycheck to support the Gaines family and nothing more as she will not even finish one term as supervisor.

El Dorado County’s District 1 voters get a fresh start this November and we can think of no one better to serve as their supervisor than a familiar face.

For nearly 40 years John Hidahl has called El Dorado Hills home and has dedicated his time and resources to making the community a great place to live. That goal will undoubtedly continue if elected to serve on the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors and he has earned the Mountain Democrat’s endorsement.

Hidahl has already demonstrated on the various boards and committees for which he’s served that he gives thoughtful consideration to the many sides of an issue, is willing to put in the time to make sure he’s educated and has the ability to lead. He’s also shown he can make tough decisions and will listen to his constituents, an attribute that will go a long way for a community that sometimes feels under-represented.

When speaking with our editorial board Hidahl said, if elected, he would look for ways to “better government” by eliminating waste, improving efficiency and providing better customer service. He wants to get involved at the “boots-on-the-ground” level to really get an idea of what’s working and what’s not. What a refreshing idea.

Too often county supervisors, who have very busy schedules, only look to department heads and administrative staff for information about how a particular department or program is operating. A supervisor who pledges to meet with and listens to rank-and-file county employees is a welcome change. We’re behind Hidahl’s goal of finding the common ground between those at the top, those in the middle and those in the trenches.

And speaking of being in the trenches, Hidahl certainly knows what that’s like and what it means to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

He’s served on the El Dorado Hills Fire Board for 33 years and has also held seats on the El Dorado County Parks and Recreation Commission, the El Dorado Hills Community Council and the El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee. He helped spearhead the cityhood movement as a leader on the El Dorado Hills Incorporation Committee.

Hidahl also supported voter-approved Measure E and the advisory vote in El Dorado Hills to keep the old golf course open space. And while he supported the constituents in these endeavors, Hidahl stressed that he’s not anti-growth but rather someone looking for balance between the needs of residents, the needs of business, the needs of seniors, etc. That’s definitely what the county needs — balance — and we encourage District 1 voters to select John Hidahl as the next District 1 supervisor.

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