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71417973Thomas N Hudson. Yes, THAT Thomas N. Hudson – the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister. Thomas N. Hudson, government lawyer. Thomas N. Hudson, political consultant. Thomas N. Hudson, senior tax counsel.

I’ve known Thomas N. Hudson since 2000. He is skilled at lying, concealing conflicts of interest, double-dealing, hiding assets, legal double speak and a host of other activities that are far from conservative. He is also a rage-ball bully. All of these things I have observed and discovered. Several people I know have attempted to co-opt Tom or manipulate Tom, but Mr. Hudson has been equal to it all.

However, recently – Mr. Hudson’s out of control life has been catching up to him.

After years of fighting, he ended up with not one, but two FPPC fines for money laundering. Ironically, some of his current political allies were calling for his head in 2011 and were rallying around the Sacramento Bee story in 2011 that quoted Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa accusing Mr. Hudson of money laundering. Mr. Hudson got a lot of cover from yours truly because my brother was also falsely accused of doing the same. I will continue reminding the idiots as well as people like David Stafford Reade (who I believe orchestrated the Bee Story to gin up the local Tea Party in to a lather) about these lies until one of the following three things happen, I get a written and public apology (which will never happen) or I die or they die.

I will remind the readers that Mr. Reade made sure several of the people he used to get Dennis Revell elected Placer GOP Chairman in 2012 (in no small part using the lie about the corruption and financial malfeasance) were discarded in 2016.

Thomas N Hudson took George down in to the sewer where he has lived for years – except that George did not do what it appears Mr. Hudson did. George does not cheat on his income taxes, I have reason to believe that Mr. Hudson does as he has a series of assets hidden in trusts, a series of business entities he is associated with (one of which is how George got burnt) and of course his legal machinations to try to get out of the consequences of what I have seen as a demonstrated pattern of dishonesty.

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Thomas N Hudson has been fined by the FPPC twice. He got hit once for $200 for failing to report the Headquarters Partnership on his form 700 (a government financial conflict of interest disclosure employees must file) and he also ended up paying a whopping $5000 fine related to multiple violations committed by the fraudulent shell organization he runs called the California Taxpayer Protection Committee (racket).

HUDSON, THOMAS, 2010/0741 (2013) 87300 – 1 count $200 Thomas Hudson, a Tax Counsel III (Specialist) for the California State Board of Equalization (“BOE”), failed to timely disclose a business interest (which was required to be disclosed by the BOE Conflict of Interest Code) on his 2010 Annual Statement of Economic Interests.

HUDSON, THOMAS N./CALIFORNIA TAXPAYER PROTECTION COMMITTEE, 2012/0106 (2013) 84211(k) & 84303 – 1 count 84204(c) – 1 count $5,500 California Taxpayer Protection Committee and its Treasurer, Thomas N. Hudson, failed to timely report subvendor information for payments, totaling $252,653.63, made during the reporting periods ending June 30, September 30, and December 31, 2008. Respondents also failed to report twelve late independent expenditures, totaling $85,194.85, made to oppose or support local candidates and measures in the June 3 and November 4, 2008 elections, to the local filing officer within 24 hours.

In both cases, Thomas N Hudson fought the fines for several years thinking he could run out the clock. He lost. In his current divorce, it appears that he is trying to do the same thing.

Thomas N Hudson is notoriously cheap, just how bad will be the subject of a later post – but let this sink in, Hudson’s oldest daughter turns 18 next year. It does not take much critical thinking to realize that if he can delay the resolution of the divorce with legal wrangling, he can avoid paying a dime of child support for his daughter. She must feel loved and special.

I have written that Thomas N Hudson has two Gods, winning and money. Our long standing friendship was a casualty, he changes political allies like shirts and his own daughter is experiencing it right now. Meantime, more boxes of wine are emptied and Mr. Hudson continues to balloon as large as the character in Austin Powers.

Fasten your seat belts because he is going to worship at both altars, but this time he may well get crucified while doing so. Even more sad is that in his narcissism he won’t see it coming because he is right don’t you know.

Meantime, if you’re running for office – stay as far away from this guy and his crew as you can.

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