Aug 292016

71412749Hey everyone! Did you know that the Placer GOP is having an endorsing convention?

Please note that if you support Measure M, you will be subjected to ridicule and scorn by the Tea-Soaked fringe of the Placer GOP for heresy. If you are a Republican Running for Office and you want to enjoy an inquisition – you, too can join the Placer GOP on 9/17!

And just who are the revolutionaries, these patriots in said junta?

One Deborah Jackson – she of the Placer County Tea Party, and a donor to non-Republicans seeking to unseat Republicans wants to be your next County GOP Chairman!

Deborah Jackson, the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister (Thomas N Hudson) and the crazed Ken Campbell  (who is a failed former GOP Chair) are the leaders of the Placer GOP Lynch Mob. They also include luminaries like Crazy Ed Rowen and Damien Fussell who was paid $500 a month by 6th AD also-ran Kevin Hanwey.

Also listed amongst the pack of rabid dogs is my favorite AD06 failure, suicide barbie. Yes, the one and only Suzanne Jones who was recently removed from the Granite Bay MAC. (It is felony stupid when you’re out walking precincts for the opponent of the man who put you on the MAC, especially when said opponent was a the same non-Republican moron Deborah Jackson donated to)

Conservative Mugs 970×250

I did find out that the Placer County Planning Commission approved the 55 unit housing development that borders the property of the failed non-Republican moron. That development was the entire reason he ran for county supervisor and Suicide Barbie railed against it in a vain attempt to get votes from anyone that could tolerate listen to her.

The parallels to this fall are also there. The CRA’s box-wine guzzling information minister wrote the ballot argument against Measure M and to no one’s surprise (well anyone whose IQ is above plant life, anyway) the argument mentioned the Supervisor Pay Raise in it!

Nice to know that even the allegedly conservative watchdogs, the keepers of all that is small government and lower tax aren’t about a little… (check that, a lot) of self serving revenge. They sound like RINO’s to me. No true conservative would prostitute principle to base an entire effort on revenge.

So if you want to relieve traffic congestion in Placer County, you’d better wear a flak jacket, because Ken Campbell will send mean emails out about you. If you believe in economic development and removing the barriers (namely I-80/65 traffic) to business relocating to Placer County, beware because Tom Hudson does not want more people coming to Placer County. If you recognize that the state government has been so badly broken, with budget deficits and insane spending decisions then conclude that Placer County needs to take matters in to its’ own hands… then beware because Deborah Jackson and a band of keyboard commandos will excoriate you (on Facebook or the easiest medium they can access) as being as un-American as that idiot quarterback from the lamest team in football who refuses to stand for the National Anthem.

Yes, you too can have a front row seat in Placer County’s game of thrones where a pack of rabid dogs seek to re-write a psychological manual in their journey to achieve ideological perfection. The rest of us will vote yes on measure M.

To be continued

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