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71413245So you want an endorsement from the Placer GOP?

If you have not figured out that it is a fool’s errand, let me continue to introduce you to the players.

I used to talk to Deborah Jackson infrequently. This ended abruptly when she was caught on the failed Non-Republican Moron’s campaign finance report. This was confirmation that she had drank the Thomas N Hudson / Ken Campbell Kool-Aid.

I had actually spoken to Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) on several occasions about recruiting and running a slate of people for Placer GOP Central Committee in order to help her get elected Chair of the Placer GOP. Yes, I screwed up big time – which is why I am (gasp) admitting fault, something that is impossible for any of the jihad leaders on the Placer GOP Cent Com. I call this Ideological Narcissism – when the belief that you are so right on so many issues is so strong that you’re impervious to reason. I, on the other hand will freely admit I am wrong on occasion. (Even as people like Thomas N Hudson seek to use said admissions for political advantage)

I should have understood there was a problem with Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) when I suggested she call a few people (one of whom was Kirk Uhler) to get names of people that may have been interested in running. I gave her a few myself (some of whom actually ran and won). Deborah Jackson did not call any of the local leaders I referred her to.

Given how the lynch mob of rabid dogs treated Bill Halldin – who was an actual elected member of the Placer GOP Cent Com – during his Assembly Race, it did not surprise me that Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) did not call him either.

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It appears that Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) was looking for people that were a special kind of crazy or otherwise. Some of those aligned with her on the Placer GOP Cent Com are normally adjusted people. This dynamic should add to the chaos on the Placer GOP Cent Com. Normally adjusted people can’t stand people like Ken Campbell or Thomas N Hudson.

Having these people opposing Measure M is like having a sex offender run for school board.

As of the current date, Dennis Revell, the current Chairman of the Placer GOP has started reaching out to people as it is clear that there is a full blown insurrection. Revell was installed by an orchestrated effort by David Stafford Reade. It also appears that the Tea Partiers he used in 2012 caught on to the drill and rebelled.

My biggest issue with Dennis is that he did not assert himself until recently when Thomas N Hudson’s behavior became nearly psychotic. Revell had 3 1/2 years to lead and appears to have done nothing. Rather, it appears that Revell believed being appointed by Congressman Tom McClintock along with the fact that he was married briefly to one of Ronald Reagan’s daughters would be all he needed.

When you’re dealing with a pack of rabid dogs, your resume does not matter. When dealing with a pack of rabid dogs, the only thing they understand is getting their asses kicked repeatedly.

Those that joined Reade in his effort to purge the Placer GOP are probably sorely disappointed in their investment. Most of them support Measure M and now the upcoming endorsing convention is being turned in to a public lynching and a purity test by the Campbell-Jackson cabal.

IF you’re a Republican candidate for office and you go to the Placer GOP for an endorsement, you have three choices. #1, lie about your support for measure M… #2, try to argue with ideological narcissists over measure M and #3 accept the fact that you are going to get shredded. Oh and in all cases – you won’t get endorsed, so why bother?

Back to the race for Placer GOP Chairman, between Deborah Jackson and Dennis Revell? I am glad I do not have a vote in that one.

Revell? Installed in to the Chairmanship of the Placer GOP after an effort in 2012 designed to meet out punishment on the opponents of Beth Gaines, Revell was backed by Gaines, Gaines, McClintock, Nielsen, LaMalfa and the brainwashed Tea Partiers who were led to believe there was corruption going on. (Note – 5+ years since the alleged FBI investigation, no visit from the FBI and no FPPC Fines ever. This will repeat until those responsible for the lies are humiliated or unseated or both.)

Now Thomas N Hudson has gone from a Tea Party Target to their loudmouth advocate. Amazing things one does to stay relevant. (More on the CRA’s Box-Wine Guzzling Information Minister soon…)

Jackson? She is a stone-cold liar. Don’t tell her that, she’s right don’t you know. She’s a former Police Detective who apparently was terrible at doing her job or she’d have recognized what disasters those she is aligned with are.

It is kind of like picking between the Chargers and 49ers in a Football Game.

To be continued.

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