Aug 122016

Yesterday featured an all-day meeting of the Placer County Planning Commission. As previously posted, NIMBY-Central sent out urgent alerts to the zombie nation in an attempt to stop Squaw Valley from having their plan approved.


Squaw, using volunteers, had a group that actually outnumbered the rent-a-mob NIMBY-Enviro crew. The zombie nation attempted to assert that the people supporting Squaw were paid. I guess lying for political advantage is part of their playbook too.

80% of the speakers from the zombie nation talked about how personally butthurt they would be if (GASP) more people were allowed to move up to the North Lake Tahoe Area. Hearing stories of the meeting reminded me of the recurring Pam Tobin – Sandy Harris IGMFU/BANANA cancer in Granite Bay. (I got mine… and Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything)

Yesterday was a turning point where the greenmail shakedown artists known as Sierra Watch got a taste of their own Kool-Aid. The developers (yes, I am making that charge) that have been shaken down by Sierra Watch look like fools for donating both because Sierra Watch still opposes progress everywhere (including that of their donors) and their financial contributions will now be used to fund the greenmail enviro lawsuits of Sierra Watch.

Because of California’s absurd laws – NIMBY’s have multiple layers they can go to in order to prevent development. Fred Ilfeld (incidentally, who has filed for the local utility district ostensibly to try to deny service to Squaw Valley) was eviscerated by the truth as he tried to bankroll an effort to incorporate a non-viable town 100% to stop Squaw. Now squaw has won at the Planning Commission Level. Next will be the Board of Supervisors. Finally, Sierra Watch will go judge shopping to try to find the most favorable judge to do their wishes in court after losing more times than the Sacramento Kings.

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Omitted from the above list are the thousands in consultant and legal fees + the reports and surveys and the ungodly amount of taxpayer money spent on County/Government staff related to this. (Has Ilfeld paid his bill to the County yet?)

Why anyone wants to develop anything in California is beyond me, especially because people like Sierra Watch are coddled and enabled by the stupidity of Sacramento. At least this time, the citizens of California who deserve modern and up-to-date recreational facilities prevailed over a bunch of selfish malcontents bent on exclusion.

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