Aug 182016

The 1000 pound gorilla in the room is Measure M. Measure M gives voters a choice between political dog whistles or fixing problems that are impeding the growth of Placer County. The Placer GOP Central Committee (well, about half of their members) have made it their life’s mission to try to defeat it.

That said – Measure M is not the only Measure on the ballot. The other “Big Deal” is Roseville High School’s Measure D that will build the 6th High School. As with Measure M, the fringe of the Placer GOP will attempt to deny the residents of that District the High School in Far West Roseville.

The same people opposing Measure D recruited perennial candidate Gary Johnson, (not to be confused with the daily drug user by the same name who is running for President) to file at the last minute for Roseville High School Board.

Apparently, the Placer GOP wants to help Rene Aguilera get re-elected as a 5th candidate in the vote for 3 race will dilute votes.

Rene Aguilera, a democrat who bragged on facebook about going to the DNC convention to celebrate Lying Crooked Hillary is the primary beneficiary of the anarchists on the Placer GOP Cent Com’s recruitment drill. Readers of this Blog will remember that Aguilera is a complete disaster and more will be revealed about Aguilera.

Our choices for the Roseville High School Board are: Andrew Tagg, Julie Hirota and Paige Stauss.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

My Mother speaks highly of Stauss and if Stauss is good enough for her, then she is good enough for me.

Both the Eureka and Dry Creek School Board Races went down un-opposed and will not be on the ballot.

The Roseville City School Board is a different deal – Extreme Left Wing Homosexual Activist Board Member Gary Miller recruited democrats to run for that board in an attempt to engineer a democrat takeover of it. Gary Miller is out and proud for 40+ years, by the way lest you think I am “outing” him. The overriding issue here is Miller and his demonstrated disdain for conservatives and people of faith.

There is a 2 year term featuring Democrat David Larson versus Republican Alysa Fong. Fong has Children, David does not. This is a slam-dunk race.

There are two 4-year seats open. The candidates are Miller, Julie Constant and Doyle Radford.

Our Choices for the Roseville City School Board are: Alysa Fong, Julie Constant and Doyle Radford.

The Rocklin Unified School District will have a contested race for the first time in a while.

Longtime Liberal Democrat Activist Camille Maben – who worked for the uber-liberal Delaine Eastin is up for re-election. Inexplicably, this democrat has been in office over 20 years in Rocklin.

Two Republicans have filed for the two seats – Eric Stevens and Kathy Turner.

Our Choices for Rocklin Unified School District are: Eric Stevens and Kathy Turner

The Sierra College Board featured three Seats that were open. Two had incumbents that retired. Both seats had only one entrant – Bill Halldin retired and gave way to termed out Roseville Councilmember Carol Garcia and Aaron Klein retired and gave way to Bob Sinclair.

I will miss Aaron Klein as his election was my first foray in to paid politics in 2004. He grew up in office and served the college well. It has also been neat to watch him become wealthy as a result of success in business. I wish the man well in his future.

Bill Halldin will likely continue to be a fixture in local politics as his PR business clientele is a who’s who of local leaders.

As an aside – in Placer County Water Agency District 5, Republican Incumbent Josh Alpine drew an opponent. His opponent is none other than Liberal Democrat Otis Wollan, who Alpine unseated in 2012. Nothing like a little sour grapes in a political season.

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