Jul 252016

ElemtsRonald Reagan is rolling over in his grave.

I am not sure what Mr. Elmets is trying to accomplish by doing this. The Sacramento Bee uses Elmets as a go to “Republican” when they need a soundbyte trashing a conservative, but this is next level.

For those of you not familiar with Elmets – let me give you a quick summary:

He worked for Ronald Reagan. This is a huge part of his identity and he makes sure everyone knows he worked for Reagan.

(Legendary Tax Fighter Lew Uhler (Kirk’s Father) also worked for Ronald Reagan – this proves that Reagan had quite a diverse staff as Uhler and Elmets are polar political opposites.)

Elmets worked for / was a consultant for Congressman Doug Ose. Ose was a Trump delegate and early Trump supporter. Doug Ose has been a loyal (moderate) Republican donor and booster for years. I have never known Ose to support a democrat for a major office – and believe me, I have been a critic of Ose.

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Elmets works for (is a consultant for) the Auburn Rancheria – his alleged salary is $15k a month. The Auburn Rancheria is one of the most liberal tribes in California. (most are GOP-leaning, the Auburn Tribe – Thunder Valley – is not) Could this move have something to do with his work for the tribe?

Elmets is also the prime mover behind Roseville First 2016. This is the group of Unions that endorsed Richard Rocucci and Tracy Mendonsa for Roseville City Council. This group is seeking to wield influence in the Roseville City Council as they believe they were wronged in previous contract negotiations.

Roseville is a Republican City. Placer is a Republican County. I am not sure how Elmets speaking at the DNC convention will help him further his attempts to influence local elections. I am sure it will make the tribe he works for happy and it will also give him attention – however, this will permanently tar him as a democrat. You can claim Reagan all you want, but people are judged by their actions.

I am not sure that this helps Roseville First. I think if anything, it will solidify the perception amongst many that they are a bunch of democrats seeking to bust the city’s budget the same way state workers have at the state level. The people I met after Tracy was endorsed by them are anything but democrats – they are quite a mix. However, their spokesperson and lead consultant has hitched himself to Hillary Clinton. This is not fair to their group or to their overall goals.

I have always believed Elmets was a democrat registered in the wrong political party based on his pattern, he has certainly removed any doubt in many people’s minds with his decision to go to the DNC convention to draw attention to himself.

I won’t be watching the DNC convention. The DNC convention is going to be a disaster as Bernie Sanders was booed by his own supporters for selling out to Clinton. Nancy Pelosi was booed. People are protesting in the streets. Hillary Clinton has been laid wide open by Wikileaks as the beneficiary of widespread News Media Collusion and corruption within the DNC ranks to help rig the nomination for her. The Chair of the DNC was thrown under the bus and then hired by Ms. Clinton (ostensibly as a reward for her service).

It makes the dead ambassador and the multiple felonies that the FBI said she committed seem like a faded memory. It makes the deal cut between Bill Clinton and the US Attorney General to stifle the prosecution seem minor.

Why then did Doug Elmets decide to attach himself to all of this? It matters, folks. It matters a lot.

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