Jun 102016

Congrats to Mik who almost beat Kevin Hanley despite spending 1/20 of what Hanley did.

148Kevin Hanley was out sign-waiving on Sierra College and Douglas on Election Day. SMH.

I know that Pugno, Kiley and our camp were calling and walking precincts on Election Day, you know to try and scoop up a few last minute votes? Hanley was instead wasting a day on a street corner.

Unfortunately, Hanley is out at least $132,000 of his own money on this effort and also earns another dubious award from the Right on Daily Blog… worst sign ever.



Mr. Hanley’s campaign had posted large 4×8 Signs within City Limits of South Placer Cities, they disappeared and were never replaced elsewhere.

146This lonely, little yard sign on a stick was what Mr. Hanley’s campaign was reduced to in the waning weeks of the campaign.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

There is no question that Kevin Hanley was qualified for the job of Assemblymember. However, he was a complete failure as a candidate.

The #AD06 race in 2016 will be talked about for years, but not for reasons that most of the participants want to remember…





131Not to be outdone, Cristi Beckstead-Nelson – which IS her name – wins the worst candidate photo in a mailer ever award. Beckstead-Nelson is my age and is a reasonably attractive woman.

There was a photo on her “Endorsement Envy” Mailer that was horrible. It is not the kind of photo any serious female candidate should ever have on her own advertisements as it was very unflattering.

Beckstead-Nelson is also out at least $138,500 of her (or her Husband’s) money. I shuddered when I realized that some of it was used to pay for distributing this photo in her own mail.

Nelson will likely finish just ahead or of just behind my guy Bill Halldin due in large part to her having the slate cards in an extremely crowded field, being one of two female candidates and having nearly a year head start on her opponents. She had the chance to force Bill Halldin out of the race and she could not convince local leaders to support her.


People searching for reasons why Kevin Kiley won should remember the concept of standing out in a good way. More on that soon…

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