May 182016

Ladies and Gentlemen – on my way home from a Bill Halldin Fundraiser tonight, I got a call from a polling firm using a Sacramento Number.

When I re-registered to vote in Roseville, I deliberately put my cell phone on the form.

After being asked for my age and what I thought of Obama, Clinton and Trump as a test…

I was asked about the 9 candidates running for #AD06. There are actually 11, the poll omitted Bo and Caples (who ironically is endorsed by the dem party).

After I told them I support Bill Halldin – they went in to a series of questions about which candidate will…

Question 2 was the clincher: Which Candidate will repeal the transgender bathroom bill.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

If it was not obvious who commissioned the poll… then question 3…

“Which candidate will do the right thing even if it means telling party leaders no?”

Hmmm… now whose campaign platform has been that?

Ok, if you are still not convinced this was a Pugno poll to test the effectiveness of his messaging…

… consider that the pollster could not pronounce Ron Mikaluco’s name, called Suzanne Jones “Suzy Jones”, could not pronounce Hanley’s last name… but Andy Pugno. She nailed that from jump street.

It is pronounced pewn-yo, not pug-know. If someone who butchered Suzanne Jones knew how to pronounce Pugno, you know damn well who the client was.

Will be interested to see what, if any changes we see in Mr. Pugno’s ads and/or mail we see coming up.

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