May 052016

IMG_3776Perhaps because Tropical Depression Hanley lived in Auburn until moving to Roseville (renting a condo) in May of 2015, he is unaware of where private property is.

Undaunted by his multiple violations of private property rights of people in Granite Bay, he decided to have large 4×8 signs installed on the campus of a large tech firm in North Roseville and in several right-of-ways of local HOA’s.


Pictured is an employee of said firm wasting valuable time when he could have been elsewhere on the grounds doing his regular job removing Hanley’s litter on their property. That was a waste of $50 + stakes.

At last night’s candidate debate, Kevin Hanley was quite agitated and aggressive. This video clip will show you that Mr. Hanley looked like he had some sort of neurological condition in his lower abdomen that was causing him discomfort. Don’t take my word for it, watch the clip. The tropical depression was in rare form all night.

Perhaps the tropical depression was simply being disdainful of Bill Halldin, who has out raised him 10-1 and who has all the endorsements he thought he was entitled to?

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By the way – we still have a month left. What’s next?

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