Apr 052016

Blogger’s Note – hope this thing succeeds. Reality says 90% of recall attempts fail to qualify.

Neighbors Against Corruption

P.O. Box 268

Shingle Springs, CA 95682



Conservative Mugs 970×250


For Immediate Release: 4/3/16

Contact: Dan Dellinger @ (530) 644-5663 or dandellinger@infostations.com


Placerville, CA – Local clean government advocates recently launched www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com a new website dedicated to exposing and ending corrupt practices in El Dorado County government. Hosted by Neighbors Against Corruption, www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com identifies criminal and office abusing actions of local elected officials, exposes corrupt practices occurring in County government, and builds a compelling case for recalling scandal plagued Auditor-Controller Joe Harn and abusive District Attorney Vern Pierson.

Visitors to www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com can learn more about the serious problem of El Dorado County corruption by downloading and reading published news stories, eyewitness accounts, and citizen testimony before the County Board of Supervisors concerning the inexcusable actions of some elected officials.  Topics featured on www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com include: the 2014-15 El Dorado County Civil Grand Jury Report – “Putting Political Gain Over What’s Right For The County”,  the City of Bell like “El Dorado County Bonus Scandal”, the County’s “Bullying and Harassment Scandal”, unpunished felony conduct, and abuse of office by elected officials.

Neighbors Against Corruption was formed in late 2015 by local residents horrified by the corrupt practices and actions of certain County elected officials to help clean-up El Dorado County government.  Currently, the clean government group is gathering signatures from registered voters to place the recall of the County’s two most corrupt elected officials on the ballot. To succeed in their important first project, local clean government advocates need to finish collecting 10,626 signatures from registered El Dorado County voters by mid-May. State law prohibits public disclosure of voters who signed recall petitions or inspection of such petitions by anyone other than election department employees. Recall petitions can be downloaded from www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com along with instructions on how to complete the petitions and where to send them.  For further information contact Dan Dellinger @ (530) 644-5663.

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  6 Responses to “El Dorado County Political Update – Recall of Vern Pierson and Joe Harn Continues”

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  3. Years ago we worked tirelessly to remove Gary Lacy from office as EDC DA. Vern Pierson makes Gary Lacy look like a Boy Scout. Unless you have been on the receiving end of the corruption of Pierson, you fail to realize that completely innocent individuals can become his target. I speak from experience. It is ridiculous that as residents of this county, many live in fear of this money hungry, power-grabbing lunatic. We MUST put an end to this rein of terror. VOTE!

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  5. For years my family and some of my friends have been egregiously affected by the EDSO, DA’s office and the Placerville Police Dept. Just read my petition on change.org telling the story of what happened on my ranch on 9/3/14. Go to ” victims of edc police brutality@ facebook.com search pages and follow the link to change.org or drive by my ranch on Bucks Bar Rd. and take a look at the 4’x8′ sign showing what they did here, you will be horrified! Citizen’s complaints have been filed with the Grand Jury but, Foreman Ken Cater refuses to return my phone calls as to the status of the investigation. Recently 11/15/15 Vern Peirson has allowed retired Dep. DA Worth Dikeman sign a criminal complaint against me. According to an official document from EDC Human Resources Dept.5/20/16 stating ” Worth Dikeman’s seperation date from employment with El Dorado County was 9/4/15 “. In my opinion Vern Pierson is trying to “create criminals”,whitewashing everyone as felons just so he can scare them into pleading to a misdemeanor charge and needlessly costing the citizens of this county an untold amount of money, to unnecessarily prosecute people and clog our courts. Denise A. Bye

  6. Placerville, Ca.

    I have personally witnesses crimes of both DA Vern Pierson and County Auditor Joe Harn, including other El Dorado County Public Officials. I as well as others have witnessed proof of their crimes, documentation, witnesses. They have abused their public positions and should not hold a public job or office ever again!

    They both have committed. crimes such as : Fraud, embezzlement, manipulating public documents, creating fraudulent contracts to embezzle public money, defrauding the public, tax evasion, targeting witnesses, false crime reporting, ignoring items needing BOS approvals, Fraudulent asset seizures, Changing property deeds, insider trading, bribes and including silence payments to witnesses for their crimes. DA Vern Pierson has help sentences criminals for way less of Crimes than that of their own committed.

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