Apr 292016

There was a reason why Kevin Kiley sandbagged his financial report so he could have a look at everyone else’s reports – he needed to try to stop the narrative that he is the Bay Area candidate.

Fact – 75% of Kiley’s MONEY came from outside the district. In his release, he claims that 2/3 of his donations are from inside the district. This is called Spin and is indicative of how lawyers attempt to manipulate audiences.

Young Mr. Kiley can not spin the fact that he is funded by the Bay Area. His report says clearly that an intermediary in the Bay Area brokered many of his contributions. It appears that he has deduced that this fact may be a problem in #AD06.

His campaign manager is the son of one of his Bay Area money connections.

His form 700 (economic interest statement) shows connections to more Bay Area interests.

Kiley is 31, single, never married, and has had 3 jobs in the 4 years since leaving Law School. The life experience #EPICFAIL is what it is.

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If it was not for staged photos and volunteers that have not reached the age of consent yet, Kiley may have a legitimate campaign.

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