Feb 192016

The title sounds absurd, but this is Beth Gaines we are talking about.

I had written previously about Beth Gaines’ running for CA GOP National Committee Woman. Ms. Gaines has collected a few high profile endorsements within the ranks of the GOP for said run.

As recently as a few days ago, she was still telling people that she was thinking about running for the CA GOP National Committeewoman spot. This is classic Team Gaines behavior and is consistent with the sort of self-serving narcissism of the Gaines operation.

It would be absurd to think Beth Gaines would leave her $95k Government paycheck to run for an unpaid position within the CAGOP, but apparently she thinks there is some sort of advantage towards leaving people in suspense.

The CA GOP By-Laws are clear, you can’t hold partisan office and CA GOP office at the same time.

It would be easy to dismiss this absurdity – but as we also uncovered, Dave Titus who ran Beth Gaines’ office for years is no longer Beth Gaines’ Chief of Staff. In fact, as of the typing of this post, Beth still does not have a permanent replacement for Dave Titus. She did name Jeff Short her chief of staff, but many doubt the permanency of that.

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Now, you really have to ask yourself if this is the behavior of someone planning on finishing their term…

… given that Beth Gaines has shopped for at least 4 offices to run for before “settling” on El Dorado County Supervisor, you can also safely draw the conclusion that she is loyal to exactly no constituency.

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  One Response to “Breaking: Beth Gaines to Resign From the Assembly to Run For CRP National Committeewoman”

  1. Aaron…That can not be right…Harmeet Dhillon wants that job now. Guess the CRP chair job has been pulled out from under her…LOL

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