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Some may read the title and roll their eyes. Really? Who has moved four times in the last four years to set up runs for office?

Beth Gaines.

Who has had as many as four separate committees for election set up at the same time?

Beth Gaines.

So why wouldn’t I draw the above conclusion knowing that everyone thinks she is a shoo-in for El Dorado County Supervisor? Or maybe it is clearer given the fact that she is holding a fundraiser for… STATE SENATE 2020?

Nope. This isn’t another one of my hyperbolic statements. Beth Gaines, who is campaigning for El Dorado County Supervisor is hosting an event for her 2020 State Senate Campaign!

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She is already lining up her next office! Click here to see the flyer

It gets worse – it says you can donate to either her Assembly 2014 account or her Senate 2020 account. This is either incredibly arrogant or incredibly stupid, neither of which are good qualities in an elected official.

The Bottom Line: El Dorado County, you don’t matter to Beth Gaines.

It is well documented that Beth Gaines has moved three times in the last four years in order to facilitate runs for office. She moved from Roseville to Rocklin in 2012 in order for Ted Gaines to run for State Senate Re-Election.

Beth then returned to Roseville.

Beth Gaines is termed out of the Assembly in 2016. We have documented that she looked at running against Kirk Uhler with an operation led by Dave Titus.

Beth Gaines’ operation has already begun smearing opponents.

Beth Gaines has several open accounts suggesting a never-ending search for the next office – in fact consider:

Take a look at Ted Gaines’ BOE account. It says 2018. His term does not end until 2020. Will Ted Gaines finish his term in the State Senate? This blog believes the answer is no. Gaines gets a free pass in 2018 to run for the Board of Equalization and is attempting to raise money now to buy the annoying slate mail cards in early 2017. Those cards are the single biggest item to have in a Board of Equalization district that spans an incredible 20+ counties.

What does this mean? If Ted is elected to the Board of Equalization in 2018, then it opens up SD01 for Beth Gaines to be able to capitalize on Ted’s name ID in a similar manner to the 2011 AD04 set-up that got her in to the legislature in the first place. This means that Beth will run for State Senate in 2019 with a name ID advantage in a special election, the best possible scenario for her.

The correct questions to ask are: will Beth Gaines finish her term as El Dorado County Supervisor; will Ted Gaines (if re-elected in 2016) finish his term in the State Senate?

With Beth Gaines ALREADY raising money in to a State Senate account, it is clear she is leveraging her last term in office as an Assemblymember in order to set up her State Senate run.

Do not forget – that Beth Gaines used her (current) office to send 1.1 Million of Pieces of Tax Payer Funded Mail!

Yes, you, El Dorado County are the latest target for the Gaines camp. She is already raising money for her next race four years from now. Why would you give her the time of day today?

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  2 Responses to “Beth Gaines to ElDorado County – You’re Stupid, You Don’t Matter”

  1. She also lived in El Dorado Hills in 2015 for 3 to 4 months. If you wonder how I know,worked for the post office man delivered her and Ted ‘ s mail.

    Blogger’s Note – I knew she had moved in September after unsuccessfully shopping for a Placer and a Sacramento Supervisor Seat.

  2. Throw them both out at the next opportunity!

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