Jan 262016

Don Wagner has rock solid A scores from every major Conservative organization out there. These are a powerful answer to the lemmings that support incumbents regardless of merit. The people that voted to endorse Moorlach may well have been doing so out of fear for their own office or due in part to some sort of Stockholm Syndrome. There is no other way to explain their fealty for a man whose record is not consistent with his reputation and whose egocentric narcissism is on full burn, evidenced by the horrendous turnover of staff in his office.

Worse – start looking at the record of Big Government John Moorlach and the Fun Facts start to turn frightening.

A couple of “minor examples” are as follows – Opposing Local control and supporting gutting term limits.

In 2006 – Big Government John endorsed Measure N, a local measure intended to lengthen Term Limits for County Supervisors. He also worked to pass it. The voters rejected it. Late in his second term, he floated another proposal that his fellow supervisors torpedoed.

John Moorloch opposed a plan by Rossmoor to contract Police Services from the OC Sheriff’s Department. Did he prefer instead to force the residents in to a small un-viable city or worse, was he trying to force their annexation in to a neighboring Big Government?

The problem here is that there is no “perfect” candidate. The anti-Wagner people have chosen to invoke Wagner’s past donations from Public Safety Unions and his support of some candidates some activists think are terrible because they were/are connected to lobbyists they don’t like. But, here is John Moorloch doing very un-conservative things. The record does not lie. He has continued the behavior in the State Senate.

The same alleged outsider tax-fighter is now endorsed by an establishment lemming brigade. Looks like Don Wagner IS the Conservative outsider in this race a la Ted Cruz or Dr. Ben Carson.

The establishment lemming brigade has framed the debate properly – the battle is between a party builder who cares about the duties of his office and a pension spiking has-been whose power is based upon his position and a system rigged to favor incumbents regardless of their abuse or uselessness. It is easier for the lemmings to choose a title.

I value Wagner’s contributions to the State GOP. We all should. But certain parts of Orange County Establishment are apparently content with their numbers that have slipped to a pathetic 56% of the vote for the GOP Prez nominee in 2012.

Amazingly, Scott Baugh, a former Permanent Minority Leader of the Assembly stood up to diminish the value of fundraising and candidate support in an effort to offset John Moorlach’s egocentric narcissism. (aka, not a dime to anyone, ever)

Anyone who truly cares about good Government should value Don Wagner’s over 300K donated to Republican Candidates in recent memory – because despite the alleged flaws in the GOP, our candidates are the best hope we have of stopping the web of control (such as attempting to force the annexation of Rossmoor) of government.

While Big Government John is in Sacramento bargaining away our future and enlarging his government paychecks – many of the very people he has done nothing for voted to endorse him. Perhaps Orange County deserves to turn blue?

To be continued…

Jan 242016

That the system is rigged for incumbents.

Many within said establishment are unprincipled and relationships change like Bill Clinton changes mistresses.

Big Government John Moorlach is now the establishment not based on the merits or based on anyone respecting or liking him – rather because he has the title.

Why else would people who used to talk about how bad John Moorlach is stand up to endorse him now? Position power and their fealty to the status quo. There is no other answer.

Perhaps this is why a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, socialized medicine supporting, isolationist, tax raising loudmouth is dominating the GOP Presidential Primary. The seething rage boiling in an electorate that feel helpless and powerless has tossed logic out the window.

The people at large see a rudderless, feckless, punchless GOP. The GOP many people see are those that only fight to avoid conflict and taking a courageous stand. Why should Orange County be any different?

It isn’t. Rather than attempt to get ahead of changing demographics, the OC GOP has sat by while the share of the vote in the Presidential General Election has slid from 68% in 1992 to 56% in 2012.

John Moorlach has been in office most of that time and has done nothing about it. Apparently, that is what the OC GOP Central Committee wants.

Orange County will be blue by 2020, maybe 2022 and the current leadership have basically said this is what they are comfortable with – because the need to force artificial unity and avoid conflict at all costs trumps everything else.

The most compelling argument in favor of Don Wagner was his donations to several GOP candidates, including 15,000 to the OC GOP in 2013-2014 cycle alone.

How did Wagner get repaid for his largesse on behalf of candidates and the party? One Scott Baugh stood up in public and spoke to diminish the value of Don Wagner’s financial support of the OC GOP and candidates.

Now why would anyone in office ever want to donate to the OC GOP again?

Scott Baugh is a former Assembly Permanent Minority leader for the GOP, he of all people knows that Money is the mother’s milk of politics – yet he had to raise and say what he did, because avoiding conflict is the #1 mission of the OC GOP.

I can draw no other conclusion – because there is nothing in it for any of them standing up for John Moorlach. He will discard them once they have outlived their usefulness. Of all of the lemmings on the OC GOP, Scott Baugh should understand this as he has lived it as an officeholder.

As someone whose first experience in politics was in 1998, I have seen one after another “True Conservative” come out to my group or other groups seeking our support. With few exceptions – I have seen these “True Conservatives” run off the stage at the State Convention in order to avoid conflict, double-deal, ignore past supporters and most of all do nothing for anyone other than themselves.

The generation of self-serving narcissist term-limit babies that live for their next office who only take, not give to the GOP is what I have seen in the 18 years I have been involved. What I have seen from the Orange County GOP is that this is the type of politician they favor and when given a choice between a party builder and a leech – they shun and diminish the party builder in favor of the leech.

… and this does not even start the discussion of Big Government John Moorlach’s behavior in office. The OC GOP should be ashamed of itself – no incumbent deserves an endorsement by virtue of being in office, they have to earn it by virtue of what they do.

Jan 172016

As of the writing of this post, the OC GOP has not endorsed a candidate yet. That is being hosted on 1/18/2016 at the behest of Senator Moorlach.

Please note that Don Wagner has given the OC GOP $15,000 in just the 2013-2014 cycle alone. Moorlach? That would be zero.

The SD37 Race in my opinion is cut and dried. Don Wagner – Lifetime CRA Score of 92%

A Rated from Howard Jarvis, Gun Owners of CA, California Pro-Life, etc etc etc

From a Conservative Republican Perspective, what’s not to like?

Dana Rohrbacher, an icon of the right endorsed Don Wagner over John Moorlach in the 2015 special election. The NFIB, a hard-right business group endorsed Wagner over Moorlach as well.

Every single senator and assembly-member that represents part of my home county of Placer endorsed Wagner.

Am I missing something?

When we take a look at Moorlach – there is a man who has a reputation for being a fiscal rock star, but on the other hand has a record of actions and votes that suggest otherwise.

The OC GOP should have a severe problem with a “fiscal conservative” who spikes his own pension, no matter how small the spike is. The ‘it’s part of the pay package’ is no defense. When you couple this with votes to raise his own pay and benefits, this suggests a man who is vested in his office and fiscal conservatism applies elsewhere. I will develop this logic and defend it going forward.

Mr. Moorlach voted several times, literally dozens of times to raise fees. Once – he even was at odds with Conservative Icon Tom McClintock on the Car Tax! (I will back these claims up with evidence later) I even have an article where John Moorlach indicated that a fee was not a tax… a classic talking point of the left.

John Moorlach has made several conflicting statements over the years on immigration that should leave anyone confused. However, his recent statements in favor of Amnesty for 11 Million Illegal Aliens should alarm all OCGOP Members. Now Senator Moorlach backed it up by opposing drawing districts based on citizenship, preferring instead to have non-citizens counted as well thus diluting the voting power of citizens.

Moorlach has been railed on several times by Steven Greenhut, who is also revered by the anti-establishment crowd, for going native. Now Senator Moorlach has continued that pattern with a series of Votes and Non-Votes that would leave any true conservative feeling betrayed.

John Moolach opposed registering lobbyists in Orange County.

He voted in favor of Pot Cards – something regularly abused for recreational use.

There are a lot of things in Mr. Moorlach’s record, documented with articles and his own words that suggest that Mr. Moorlach is not the conservative gold standard he says he is.

The OC GOP should take notice.

With Don Wagner, you have a list of scorecards from Right-leaning organizations with straight-A results. With Wagner, you know what you are getting.

As a bonus – for OC GOP members who care about expanding the party, consider:

Wagner donated to every target race in the last two cycles, often times maxing out. Think of names like Andy Vidak, whose win made national news. Think Young Kim and Janet Nguyen whose victories were pivotal for the taxpayers of California.  Think Catherine Baker, David Hadley, Marc Steinorth and Tom Lackey – four successful GOP candidates, three of whom won dem seats and one of whom defended a severely vulnerable GOP seat in the Assembly.

This is a score of 600,000 to zero. John Moorlach has done NOTHING to help build the GOP in Orange County – and during his career in politics the share of the vote has slid from 65% – 56% in the Presidential Elections. Will the OC GOP reward him for his abuse of the party?

We have suffered through a generation of term-limit babies who have refused to engage in party building. Don Wagner has helped the GOP expand its’ reach.

John Moorlach’s name does not appear on any campaign finance reports except his own.

OC GOP, Please Weigh your decision carefully.

Jan 122016

You read it correct- Prop 63, the first famous “Tax the Rich” proposition.

Proposition 63, passed by California voters in 2004, has been hailed by mental health advocates as an irreplaceable source of funding, while facing persistent criticism about oversight.

Rose King, a political consultant who helped craft Proposition 63, said that before the state starts spending money on housing construction, it should repair a mental health system that she said fails to reach many Californians who need it.

“We totally oppose this,” she said.

It looks like the Moloch is settling in to his temple nicely in Sacramento. When the great Moloch is deign to administer his duties to do anything – he is out front on stuff like this.
The fiscal genius as he likes to call himself is helping ADD to the state’s massive debt – according to Moorlach’s buddy, the gun grabbing generalissimo of the State Senate, Kevin DeLeon:

Senate Democrats estimate annual debt service on a $2 billion bond would require about $130 million of about $1.8 billion in annual Proposition 63 revenue.

John Moorlach would have us all believe that HE is the fiscal watchdog of the California State Senate – yet he wants to expand the size of state government, thus screwing private charities that handle homeless services and creating untold future liabilities for maintaining this grab-bag of new stuff.
Where is the John Moorlach we all knew? That man is gone – 20+ years in office of enjoying the largesse and riches of government will do that to you if you are not properly grounded.

In addition to the $2 billion bond, de León, D-Los Angeles, said he will push for $200 million out of the general fund budget over four years to provide rent subsidies for homeless people. He will also seek to increase in the Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment grants that help low-income seniors and people with disabilities. The measure would not have to go on the ballot, but would be part of the budget negotiations with Brown.

John Moorlach knows that Government-Sponsored programs for the homeless do not work as well as private programs. He should have seen as such from his perch atop all the serfs of Orange County.

Yet, here he is spending money like a drunken sailor. Big Government John, perched on the altar waiting to spend more of our money.
Don Wagner? A business owner. A real person. Someone who knows how to spend money wisely.

The basis of this post is linked here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/state/california/article53032930.html#storylink=cpy
Jan 102016

The shock waves are reverberating all over the capitol in Sacramento. The shock waves are reverberating all over Orange County.

The Orange County Blogs are lit up with it – you can read OC Political here and Matthew Cunningham’s Blog here.

It is quite simple, actually. John Moorlach is a relic of the GOP of the past in Orange County. The people most loyal to John Moorlach are getting slowly overcome by biology.

Moorlach first took office before I got an Insurance License. Considering that my career in Insurance has lasted 6 times the national average length of an insurance career – Moorlach easily fits the definition of career politician.

Any seasoned political observer would look at this race and assume that the incumbent has all the advantages. Any seasoned political observer that knows Moorlach would know why he is vulnerable and most all of them disdain him.

The dynamic of the 2016 political cycle is governed by emotion on both sides of the aisle. When usually intellectual Conservatives are driven by a seething rage over the lack of leadership in the GOP, a quick look at the great Moloch (as I call him) or Big Government John (which he is) shows that Moorlach is indeed the poster child for the rage that has swept the 2016 primary.

First of all, the great Moloch’s ultimate and arguably, only achievement for the betterment of mankind occurred in 1994, when he predicted a financial meltdown in Orange County.

Since ascending to the temple of elected office in Orange County, the great Moloch has lived large off of us all. You could say that the great Moloch is the poster child of what we mean by “vested in his office”.

John Moorlach has a long record that yields several outrageous actions – that when vetted in a universe larger than a paltry 14% of the voters that elected him to the State Senate based on his reputation from 20 years ago – should prove fatal.

Then there is Moorlach’s record as a State Senator which is like his record as a local elected on steroids.

Most importantly, John Moorlach has done nothing for Orange County in recent history and is the political equivalent of an actress in her 40’s still trying to dine on her good looks.