Jan 302016

I don’t care what the hair-splitting legal nuance is. Scott Baugh is a hypocrite. Did he call Congressman Dana Rohrbacher before taking out FEC papers to open up a committee to run for that Congressional seat? Even if he did – why then was it wrong for Greg Raths to pull a jacket to run for Mimi Walter’s seat?

Don Wagner? He had the integrity to stand up from jump street and say – I am going to restore SD37 from the grips of self-serving narcissism and make that seat represent the people once again.

Not Scott Baugh. Note how fast he and John Fleischman are spinning. And this is the same John Fleischman that called Don Wagner’s run for State Senate Quixotic. Well, guys – you look like hypocrites and as the old saying goes – if it takes longer than 10 seconds to explain what you are doing in politics, you screwed up.

When Scott Baugh betrayed his friend of many years (Wagner) he knew 100% what he was planning. It appears that Baugh was trying to re-insert himself as a player in OC GOP Politics. When Scott Baugh was helping run the drills to get Moorlach a string of punchless endorsements, it had nothing to do with Moorlach, it was about Scott Baugh’s own self-interest. I guess in that regard, Baugh and Moorlach are ideally suited for each other.

Meantime, the members of the OCGOP got rolled by Scott Baugh, and any that made their decision to endorse based off of Scott Baugh’s words at the meeting got played.

People wondering why the OCGOP is slipping and why Orange County is turning blue should look no further than to people like the former Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Scott Baugh and Jon Fleischman who is out there apologizing for him.

Too Damn Hot Sale

It looks like the OCGOP is full of cancer and the tumors have metastasized everywhere.

(68% of the vote in 1992, 56% of the vote in 2012 and falling)

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