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… that is clearly and obviously an attempt to inflame the Placer GOP Central Committee in to supporting and/or recruiting an opponent for any of the Placer Supervisors.

A letter to the editor bearing the name of Sandy Campbell was printed in the Lincoln News-Messenger. The construction and content of the letter left me with no doubt that the person responsible for it was none other than former Placer GOP Chairman, Ken Campbell.

Campbell has had a seething rage for Kirk Uhler and Robert Weygant for 20 years. The only time I ever recall Mr. Campbell helping Weygant was in 2004, when mega developer Angelo Tskapolos funded an opponent to Weygant. If you attempt to build anything anywhere near Campbell’s home on McCourtney Rd N/E of Lincoln – he won’t like you very much.

This is why the letter to the editor and its’ specific reference of Bickford Ranch was no accident.

When the letter signed by Sandy Campbell was printed – the ink was hardly dry (and the electrons had just started being disturbed) when an email was sent out to the Placer GOP’s Central Committee saying the following:

Dear Central Committee,

I wanted to pass on my wife’s Letter to the Editor (below).  The Lincoln News Messenger wanted Sandy to prove to them everything in the Letter was true; and so she did.

Republicans rightfully are angered when the Clintons took cash from those having business before the State Department while Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State.  Well our Placer Supervisors are doing the same thing—give a “donation” and a project is approved.  And we are not talking about small amounts of money…Placer Vineyards gave the Supervisors $59,500.

If Clinton Cash is wrong, Supervisor Cash is also wrong…corruption is corruption.

Our Supervisors need to stop the influence peddling and give all the past “donations” back.  If they can’t do this, we need to work to elect honest Supervisors.

Ken Campbell

It sounds pretty bad, huh? Either donate to our evil pay raise measure or you won’t get your projects approved!

  1. People should note that Campbell contributed $13000 to former Congressman John Doolittle. I have alleged all along that Campbell turned on John Doolittle because of his ouster as Placer GOP Cent Com Chairman. Have I had it wrong all along? Was this letter an admission that Mr. Campbell did not receive an expected result from the donations? (Doolittle did indeed support a ton of development – including earmarking money for Overpasses, I-80 and Hwy 65 improvements)
  2. The two projects referenced as a nexus for the alleged corruption were approved in 1994. Let that sink in. That was 22 years ago.
  3. The original developer of Bickford Ranch went bankrupt and the current developer’s plan was cut substantially in 2014 making the evil development far less lucrative. If I was the developer – I’d be trying to recall the supervisors – not paying them off with donations to their pay raise scheme!
  4. Campbell alleges conversations with people involved in said projects who claim to have donated under duress. No one I know or anyone else within the evil South Placer Political establishment has a clue who feels their donations to measure B were coerced!
  5. In his email to the Cent Com – he lumps the aggregated donations to four placer county supervisors over the life of their tenure + the donations to measure B to reach the $59,500 total. I am sure Mr. Campbell forgot that he and several others on the Placer GOP Cent Com who were elected benefited from $43,000 in Independent Expenditures from Charles Munger. I think Mr. Campbell would consider himself corrupt by his own metric.

Campbell has hated Kirk Uhler since the 1996 Assembly Primary and even more so because of Uhler’s role in blowing the whistle on unilateral expenditures of the Placer GOP’s money – thus circumventing the will of the committee itself in 2003-4. Uhler, along with former Rocklin Mayor Kathy Lund and others received the full wrath of Campbell.

During that time, then Placer Supervisors Bruce Kranz and Ted Gaines voted to put Measure “E” on the ballot which was an advisory vote over a college campus in Western Placer County. Campbell’s NIMBY sensibilities were so offended that he publicly attacked all of the above named people in his column in the Auburn Journal. (which, you can see microfilm copies of at their office in Auburn)

Campbell was forced to resign as Placer GOP Chairman by Congressman John Doolittle – who he later helped run out of office. To the new folks on the Placer GOP Cent Com and others without institutional knowledge of Campbell – I repeat this information so that you have perspective for why Campbell pops up occasionally taking swipes at Republican officeholders. He has a list and he checks it twice – if you’re on it – your name will be in print eventually as well.

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  1. When this building and septic was put in next to the American river with no permits the owner said i have the county sups in my back pocked ! That uler and montgomery live not that far from him! He is on recording stating he got tax people to look away ! sounds like bad news to me

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