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Five Years ago in October, Karen England alleged to have been visited by the FBI related to the finances of the Placer GOP Central Committee. This was on the heels of now Congressman Doug LaMalfa, and still sitting state senator Ted Gaines echoing the same lies related to financial malfeasance on the front page of the Sacramento Bee. Here we sit in Late 2015, no visits from the FBI, and no charges filed, no phone calls, no depositions, nothing. Doug LaMalfa Lied. Karen England Lied. Ted Gaines Lied. This is the only conclusion you can draw 5+ years later.

So it stands to reason that Karen England would continue to habitually lie.

We have documented here on the Right On Daily Blog the pattern of ideological and initiative fraud by Karen England and her crew. England now lives in Nevada and attempted to re-invent herself as a force in Nevada Politics. That did not work out well as all reports I am getting from Nevada are that they saw her coming and only a handful of people were taken in by her. Every bill her new fundraising group in Nevada attempted to run was killed.

Apparently, because California is more than 10 times as large as Nevada there is an ample supply of suckers.

Except for the Pacific Justice Institute. They are on the report for nearly $25k in to the latest fundraiser for the Capitol Resource Institute. This is what I have come to believe about all initiative and referenda she touches. As of the time of the posting of this blog, the CA SOS website is down – or I’d be able to link to more donations from the PJI which bring the total to just short of 50K.

Did Karen England and the Capitol Resource Institute use the Pacific Justice Institute as a front? Remember – England’s Reputation has to be toxic, quoting an expose’ I pieced together over the years:

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We investigated and found out that the Stop SB48 campaign never filed a campaign finance report (and appeared more like a fundraiser than a real effort), so none of the donors will ever know what happened to their money. The Stop SB777 campaign did not raise enough to electronically file, nor did her Write in Campaign for Lt. Governor in 2010. Based on what happened with their severely botched AB1266 referendum campaign where insiders said that they were not serious about the effort until it started to get a life of its’ own… anyone that donates to anything that Karen England is leading is a fool.

The Coup D’Etat is the fake Prop 8 Website that the Capitol Resource Institute Ran. If you read the link, you will find that their shadow campaign raised some $120k, a large portion of which ended up in the coffers of the Capitol Resource Institute. There is also a link to 36 pages of emails proving the campaign existed, even though the website is long gone. There is also an analysis of the campaign finance and where the money went.

She has supported several candidates for office over the years. It was not until we started to look beneath the surface that we found a disturbing pattern. The ones she most aggressively supported were also donors. Then Candidate, Now Congressman Tom McClintock $6,000.Read this link and in it you will see: Then Assemblyman, now Congressman Doug LaMalfa$27,500. Then Assemblyman, Now State Senator Ted Gaines $7,000. There are others: State Senator Jim Nielsen, $1000, then candidate, now Assemblymember Beth Gaines, $1000 and Board of Equalization Member George Runner $6,000.

Did the PJI run interference because of the embarrassing failure of their AB1266 referendum that was followed by a failed initiative (that England was in the background of) for round three?

The SOS website also shows $20k from Calvary Chapel of Chino Hills (is this a Ben Lopez Connection?) and $10k from a Duane Doyle a business owner in So-Cal.

My surface analysis of the 6-30-2015 filing shows enough that I can level the charge that this was a scam to fund the Capitol Resource Institute like the above FIVE efforts were proven to be!

Out of about 40K reported raised as of 6-30-2015 – we have payments of $23,717 to the Capitol Resource Institute! (For “RENT”) CRI employees Danille Cullum $4,512 and — there she is again, $8625 to Karen England.

That is a total of $36,584 out of the less than $40k Raised paid to the CRI or its’ employees. Cozy. How the hell do you qualify a real effort doing this?

Karen England used the dog whistle of the “bathroom bill” and was too intransigent to understand in a liberal state like California that the better way to get broader support would have been to focus on youth sports and the unfair advantage boys could get if they claimed to be girls. (Could you imagine a 16 year old boy on a girl’s softball field and its’ 250 foot fences???)

There are many context clues people could get before they get ripped off – anyone serious about actually qualifying an initiative and overturning this insanity would have gone that route. Fairness stuff is a winner across party lines. This time, however, the Pacific Justice Institute got involved – I wonder if their donors knew that they just paid for the maintenance and upkeep of Karen England and the CRI?

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