Oct 172015

I have talked to a ton of people. We have tried to get an initiative together.

Many good people I know are not passionate about the vaccination issue. I was not either until I started meeting the people that Tim Donnelly and Lauren Stephens screwed over. Then I got mad.

Then I investigated and found out that my local GOP reps once again failed to lead on this issue – Ted and Beth Gaines have a vaccine-injured child. They did nothing, I was told that Beth attempted to speak up in a committee, but Ted did nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Then I investigated personally and realized that 75% or more of vaccinations are full of garbage and many people have adverse reactions to them… and now they are forced by law to have that poison injected in to their veins.

While Kevin DeLeon took it upon himself to gut committees to make sure he took care of his leadership vote (Richard Pan), the Republicans could have been out messaging on this issue. They did not do anywhere enough as a few press releases were the extent of it.

Enter the alleged donors to an effort to overturn. They convinced themselves that the bill would die in the senate. DeLeon made sure it did not, because it was all about him asserting his leadership.

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Then the donors convinced themselves the bill would die in the Assembly. Nope.

Then the donors convinced themselves that they could get Jerry Brown to veto the bill – he quick-signed it in order to make a referendum even more difficult.

The rest is history, the crazed sociopath known as Lauren Stephens drove to so cal, and got the narcissist Tim Donnelly involved apparently with a promise of money for his radio show (which Donnelly did admit getting)… and the ill-fated referendum was born.

It failed. Spectacularly. Now there are investigations going on in to the scam.

The real damage is that Tim Donnelly’s involvement made everyone anywhere close to government scram. I had legislators on the line to support an effort. Not now, not ever… because Tim Donnelly’s name was on everything.

Lauren Stephens is off on some half-baked recall attempt against Jerry Brown…

… while we were trying to rehabilitate an effort against SB277.

The problem is that the excuses from the donors changed. Were they ever serious? If they were – then Tim Donnelly and Lauren Stephens killed the effort forever.

The donors pivoted to a lawsuit, and then claimed they realized they could not sue. If they had read SB277, they would realize that illegal immigrants and homeless people were exempted. This would be a perfect basis to sue, this means they have not read the bill.

There was permanent damage – those in office want nothing to do with anything SB277. The mere word is toxic.

I saw the anguish of the women who never understood how Lauren Stephens lied to them during the effort. Some still do not comprehend how Tim Donnelly lied to them. What we see today is Tim Donnelly’s narcissism on display as he continues to spin every way he can to avoid an apology, while the sociopath Stephens has tried to throw him and others under the bus to save herself.

Let me apologize to the women who fear for their children’s safety. We tried to help you. We tried to warn you. I am sorry that I can’t fix this… Just make sure you inform people so Tim Donnelly and Lauren Stephens can’t hurt anyone else.

Lauren Stephens filed the referendum based on a paranoid conspiracy she created in her head. She lied repeatedly and used people. She broke people’s hearts and got Tim Donnelly involved because Donnelly has tax liens, bankruptcies and owes people money.

Donnelly got money to keep his failing radio show on the air for a while longer while the SB277 Referendum failed miserably. While Tim is too broken of a person to even apologize or be honest with himself about what he did – Lauren Stephens does not care one bit.

She’s off to her next scam.

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