Oct 132015

Let’s Catch Everyone up.

A few days ago, it got out that recent entrant and rumored Team Gaines recruit Kevin Hanley was attempting to recruit staff for his AD06 campaign. The would-be staffer was from Auburn. The first endorsement Kevin Hanley announced was from Auburn, though the gentleman lives in Rocklin.

Some speculated that Ted and Beth Gaines would endorse Kevin Hanley. We even did on this blog, however, a couple of weeks ago we had become convinced that Team Gaines was going to gravitate to the strongest anti-south-placer candidate they could.

Mind you, Congressman Tom McClintock is alleged to be endorsing Kevin Hanley.

But Today, Ted Gaines endorsed the Republican (who you will have to vote for first before you find out what’s in) – Cristi Nelson. We do know that Cristi Nelson is a social liberal and a lawyer.

Did the Gaines make a deal with Cristi Nelson in order to get support for their planned runs in 2018, 2019 and 2020? Or was it as simple as sssssssteve Davey and Dave Titus needing to line up their next jobs in the capitol?

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Ironically, Kevin Kiley, the third viable AD06 candidate is also a Lawyer. (BTW – Bill Halldin is NOT a Lawyer)

Today, Mr. Kiley also announced that he hired Dave Gilliard as his consultant. This would be Dave Gilliard’s second 30-something client. (although Assemblymember James Gallagher is on the downhill side of 30 as opposed to the 30-year-old Kiley)

So, Kevin Hanley got screwed. We know that.

Team Gaines has split up. Gilliard went to Kiley (who he would not have considered until recently) and Ted went to Cristi Nelson.

Why would Ted Gaines endorse before the incumbent assembly-member?

Beth Gaines? Though AD06 is the seat she currently represents, she could have ether gotten confused in all the moves or is waiting to make sure she has rehearsed all of her talking points thoroughly before endorsing Cristi Nelson. (who, did we mention is a social liberal?)

The Gaines duo are now on their fourth heir-apparent in the AD06 endorsement Carousel. (Titus, Sigg, Hanley and Now Cristi Nelson – maybe they will endorse Suzanne Jones and Gabriel Hydrick by the time we are done, too?) This is going to make their former Tea-Party base even angrier.

So – it looks like the Gaines just flipped almost everyone in local government in South Placer County the bird as well. I am not sure how their decision to endorse an un-vetted unknown candidate with fundraisers comprised of 6 person host committees could be seen any other way?

Is Tom McClintock considering endorsing Cristi Nelson now? (Because I don’t see him noted anywhere on Kevin Hanley’s website) Were McClintock to endorse Nelson, he’d be one candidate behind the Gaines on the endorsement carousel.

Kevin Kiley hired Dave Gilliard and Gilliard’s fundraiser of choice John Bovee. That likely means there were other shoes that dropped.

The bottom line here appears as follows: Dave Gilliard needed a candidate. Team Gaines needed a candidate. They found their candidates and a bunch of people got screwed in the process.

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