Sep 262015

12039653_10208015553054515_4217941490047027148_nLauren Stephens got caught. She got Tim Donnelly involved and then Mr. Donnelly went for broke.

Now, with the 9/28 deadline for the failure of the referendum approaching, Lauren has filed an initiative. You do not do this if you are winning or are expecting to qualify your referendum.

Several Questions need to be answered… where did the $150k donor they claimed go to?Capture

What happened to the $170k that was raised off of the gofundme account?


For the last two weeks – we have been treated to staged pictures of bank boxes reputed to be full, but in the reports of people on the ground were not. Many petitions had only one signature on them, etc.

For the last month, more emails, more social media posts, more spin about how close they were to qualifying… and now this.

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They even upped the pay per signature to $2, as they started paying for signatures at $1 a piece a few weeks ago. There is little evidence that more than a few people attempted to earn some money in this manner.

You can see from the screenshots that Tim Donnelly is front and center in this effort. Does he know that Lauren Stephens went and filed the initiative on 9/23 – three days ago and five days before the deadline for the referendum?

IN early September – the natives started getting restless.

Only July 2nd, we predicted the failure of this effort due to the motives of Ms. Stephens.

Beware – because an initiative is now coming your way.

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