Jul 132015

Remember when I excoriated Karen England and Company over the AB1266 Referendum? Apparently, they have learned their lesson – partially.

After running what many believed was another fundraiser to Capitol Resource Institute, the thing got legs and damn near qualified.

After leaving California and trying to reinvent herself in Nevada – England got eviscerated in Nevada and appears to be back in California once again trying to run an AB1266 Initiative.

They are still obsessing over the “Bathroom Bill” aspect of the deal – which in a far-left state like California will not resonate the way the fairness in youth sports argument would. Far be it from me to criticize the superior intellects of Ms. England and co.

I think AB1266 is evil. I agree with any effort to overturn it and think those that voted in favor of it have violated the public trust they were elected to serve.

While I detest Karen England – I will endorse the concept of overturning AB1266. I can not and will not aid anything that directly or indirectly benefits the Capitol Resource Institute. I am not alone in that sentiment, which is why I believe that effort will fail.

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However, I have been told that England has real professional help. (I wish it included a therapist, but I digress) This could ensure a legitimate effort that has potential to succeed. England has to win this or she is done. I am amazed at her psychotic persistence and how many political lives she appears to have.

This is quite different than the doomed SB277 referendum. It was borne out of the paranoid fantasy of a deranged non-Republican activist in Fresno.

She managed to get one of the most toxic figures in California Politics to front the effort. So far, they lack the funds to even be able to print the petitions if they get a title and summary from the AG’s office this week.

The individual behind the SB277 effort will seek to blame this blogger and the other individual who attempted to file a referendum for the failure of her effort.

However, her own behavior and what she did to more people than just us, along with Tim Donnelly will seal its’ doom.

The Bottom Line is that legislators on both sides will not be involved with anything Tim Donnelly – and Donnelly knows this.

The Bottom Line is that donors have used Donnelly as a Judas Goat in order to refuse to act, or they have used the age-old excuse of “Not getting in the middle of a fight” as an excuse.

So – while the petitioner satisfied her inner desire to get even with “the other guy”, she has succeeded in screwing the parents of California out of a chance for justice. Meantime, Tim Donnelly got another 15 minutes to delude himself he is important.

Man, California is screwed up.

P.S. as a total irony – Then Assemblymember Tim Donnelly was the lone vote in favor of the Confederate Battle Flag while running for governor in 2014. In light of current events, something about a broken clock and something about having no political awareness…

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