AB1266 Initiative Update – and Yes It Involves…

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Jul 212015

Timing is everything.

Before George and I were expelled from the CRA for life, we fought to free the organization from being used as a picadillo for individuals to rubber stamp their personal causes. (unless, of course they could get 2/3 of a group of real, independent people to agree)

Enter the AB1266 Initiative. Mike Spence obtained seed money of $100k from Howard Ahmundson (sp?) to get that initiative off the ground. Within 24 hours, Tom Hudson sent an email requesting the CRA’s board endorse the effort.

Problem 1 – Spence and Hudson are closely tied financially via the California Taxpayer Protection Committee. (One of several organizations / entities Hudson is affiliated with)

Problem 2 – Karen England is in year 4 of a 10-year ban from CRA. Now why would Hudson (who advocated for her ban, btw) now want to legitimize an effort she is the front person for?

George and I had to be thrown out of CRA, there is money to be made. (In addition to filling the inner needs of the nerd colony to feel validated, but I digress)

Ironically, I support the concept of overturning AB1266. I’d support this effort if the CRI and Karen England were not a part of it. However, due to the corruption of the organization and Ms. England as I have demonstrated with evidence for years, I can’t endorse anything they are a part of.

I will state, however, that my view of Mr. Spence is different. At least he is honest about his role(s) in politics and he has been consistent over the years. IF Spence was smart, he’d take the AB1266 initiative over and run it himself.

P.S. Ab1266  was the “I think I am a girl, so I am going to go play girl’s softball and use the girl’s bathroom bill”.

CRA Update: Tom Hudson’s Meltdown is Spreading – Now Threatens Three Local Charities in Writing

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Jul 202015

We warned you. The CRA saga will not stop and won’t for years.

We understand the type of maladjusted people to whom being right is like meth is to a crank addict. They run the CRA.

Tom Hudson’s God is money. It is not Jesus Christ. I have known him for nearly 18 years and the stories of the kinds of things he does to save a dime are legendary. I have drawn my conclusions about Mr. Hudson’s moral bankruptcy over the last 18 months as every negative thing I have ever been told about his character by other political types has borne out in front of my eyes in real time. (For the first 17 years, I had never been a recipient of Tom’s amoral behavior pattern)

This is why someone who makes $119k a year (+ benefits + retirement) has assets hidden in trusts / entities and cries poor to anyone who will listen.

This is also why a 4-0 Vote of the Placer CRA’s Board of Directors to donate money to three local charities is driving him insane. He is too cheap to donate some of his taxpayer-funded salary to the “new” Placer CRA he is forcing in to existence. The smart thing would have been for Tom to call one of his friends and raise a few bucks for the club. Maybe he doesn’t have any left?

Never mind that if Hudson was stupid enough to go to small claims court – he could not prove that Kirk Uhler resigned as President of the Placer CRA, nor could he prove that the 4-0 board vote was invalid and nor could he prove that the board did not have the authority to spend the money. (Hint: It did.)

Hudson’s ego is so bruised and his life is in such turmoil that he has to go on a psychotic revenge mission until it destroys him. While Hudson and his fellow Lawyer, CRA Executive VP Craig Alexander (whose letterhead is used for the legal demands) are pursuing this suicide mission – their fellow maladjusted nerds on the CRA Board are already laying in the weeds waiting to wipe them both off the CRA’s board.

At the recent Placer GOP Central Committee Meeting (where they once again rejected future Roseville Councilmember Tracy Mendonsa for a vacancy) – Tom Hudson got up and attacked Tracy Mendonsa personally in front of the group, accusing him of embezzlement. I guess this means that Ed Rowen – his hand-picked President of the “New” Placer CRA is guilty of embezzlement because Ed Rowen voted yes on donating the money to the three charities along with Kirk Uhler, Tracy Mendonsa and George Park. Dennis Revell and others were so embarrassed by Tom’s actions that they apologized to Mr. Mendonsa personally.

Tom Hudson followed up his public attack by threatening Mendonsa directly. I guess Hudson is going to help elect democrats just so he can win this argument. Hudson has also repeated the embezzlement mantra to other groups – and if he is as much like Karen England as I think he is – it is likely he is going to local Tea Parties in his rampage. (I doubt he gets far as many of them have grown up a lot in the last several years)

There truly is no honor – the man (Rowen) who a few weeks ago was thanking the State Board for their help in re-installing him as president of PCRA (while attacking Kirk Uhler, George and Myself in the same email) is now being attacked publicly for embezzlement by the State CRA President (Mr. Hudson).

Strange things happen when you are obsessed with being right.

It does not stop there. Tom Hudson (In my opinion) drafted a letter that was sent by Craig Alexander to the three local charities demanding the money back! Click here to read it yourself. 

Tom Hudson must believe he is really right to do something like this as threatening Courage Worldwide is one of the most stupid things I have ever seen in politics. Lighthouse Family Counseling and Acres of Hope were the other two that received money – it is 100% certain that they received the exact same letter with their info on it instead of that of courage.

If you would like to fight sex trafficking – Courage Worldwide is one of the first and foremost groups in this fight. My wife has advocated for them for the last six years on her radio show and this is why they were selected to receive the funds as we were shutting the club down.

Just because the State CRA’s board of directors decided to selectively enforce the state by-laws and keep the Placer CRA in existence with arbitrarily selected officers, it still does not mean that they can undo the actions of the former board to spend the money. Tom Hudson knows this, but can not admit it as he has to keep the CRA together for his own reputation – just like when he went psycho over the McClintock non-endorsement saga.

AD06 Late Update: Bill Halldin and Another Candidate Enter the Race

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Jul 192015

Campaign-HeadShot (2)I was on vacation. Sorry. Bill Halldin (pictured) and another candidate have entered the race.

Bill Halldin enters the race as the most formidable candidate. He is well-liked by all. He is the only one in the field that is in office. He has a thick rolodex of people he will be able to call and it appears that he will have a slew of endorsements from people that the voters of AD06 recognize and respect.

Bill Halldin is a conservative, period. He is rock-solid on all the issues that matter to the base of the GOP. AD06 is a pro-life, pro-prop-8, anti-tax, gun-toting district – Halldin matches that.

Bill Halldin is on the Sierra College Board of Trustees and already represents an area nearly as large as an Assembly District. This means he is ready to do the job right from jump street.

His announcement follows:

Longtime Local Business Owner Bill Halldin Enters Race for Assembly District 6 Seat 

ROCKLIN – Bill Halldin, a small business owner and longtime community leader, today announced his candidacy for California’s 6thstate Assembly district, entering the race with the endorsements of more than 30 local elected officials in the district.

Halldin, owner of Halldin Public Relations Inc. in Rocklin, currently serves as an elected Trustee for Sierra College, a post he has held since 2011. His colleagues on the Board have elected him President of the Board of Trustees for the last two years.

“For generations, California has been a great place for opportunity,” Halldin said. “Unfortunately, our state government today too often overregulates our businesses and our lives. As a business owner who works with many other businesses and industries, I’ve seen first-hand how this hurts our economy and our neighbors’ future. I’m running to bring real, common-sense reform that will benefit all Californians.”

The 6th Assembly district is currently held by Republican Beth Gaines, who is termed out in 2016.

Halldin is a longtime community volunteer, having previously served as Chairman of the Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce in 2006, President of the Sierra College Foundation for three years and Chairman of the William Jessup University Community Relations Council. He also has served as a board member for the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Roseville Chamber of Commerce, the Sacramento Region Feed My Starving Children MobilePack Steering Committee, Blue Line Arts and the Rocklin Educational Excellence Foundation.

Halldin has served as an elected member of the Placer County Republican Central Committee since 2010.

Halldin has earned the support of a wide range of local elected officials, including three Placer County supervisors, 11 city councilmembers and all five directors of the Placer County Water Agency. A partial list of the supporters can be found at www.BillHalldin.com.

 “Bill will bring his deep passion for public service and strong business acumen to this position,” said Rocklin City Councilmember Scott Yuill. “He is a respected leader in our region, working to enhance our community through his service at Sierra College and many non-profit organizations. We will be well served in the 6th District with Bill as our assemblyman.”

“Bill will bring a strong conservative voice to represent our area at the Capitol,” said Roseville City Councilmember Bonnie Gore. “He’s a proven leader, with a deep understanding of our community and our values.”

The 6th District includes the communities of Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Folsom, Granite Bay, Loomis, Orangevale, El Dorado Hills, Fair Oaks, Cameron Park, Penryn and Sheridan.

Halldin, 53, is a longtime Rocklin resident. He received his bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in management from Yale University. He and his wife, Rocklin School Board member Susan Halldin, are the parents of two children: Kathryn, a recent Whitney High School graduate, and Michael, an eighth grade student at Spring View Middle School in Rocklin.

For more information on Bill, please visit www.BillHalldin.com, follow him on Twitter at @BillHalldin or visit the campaign Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/BillHalldinforAssembly.

P.S. Another Candidate also entered the race. Forgot his name though.

Is Rene Aguilera Running for Something Next Year??? Look At The Comments He Just Left…

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Jul 192015

Well, well, well – some “anonymous” commenter who is likely the man himself left a couple of priceless comments.

They seek to justify the drug dealing nephew and the $18k judgement that REMAINS UNPAID!

What a bunch of BS…. Just because someone you are related too, or even housing someone who has a drug problem does not mean Rene is unfit to do his job.

Obviously he is attempting to help a family member, it does not mean he condones that life style.  As a matter of fact, just because he has first hand knowledge and has been around people with problems, makes him more capable of being a better leader, supported, helper, etc., as he can relate to others that have problems too.  I bet almost everyone in Politics, schools boards, etc., all have family members who have or had drinking and/or drug problems within there life time.  Get real people!!  And Homeless people help too, and just b/c Rene may try to assist them in steering them towards avenues of support does not mean he or they are leeching off the system…  And who’s business is it, on WHO lives at Rene’s house..or who pays the rent… GEEESH.. find something better to write about, versus slamming people who actually care about California, Roseville and the residents.  Why don’t you post this!!

Rene Aguilera is on a school board and was harboring a known drug dealer in his house (until he moved him next door). There is no spinning that. Note – I left the typo and emboldened the choice lines in the comments left.

Such hear say.  Just b/c he houses his nephew and his nephew has been picked up for drug paraphernalia, and has admitted to drug problems, DOES NOT mean he sells it out of his Rene’s house.  Do you really think he and/or anyone would condone someone selling drugs out of his house.. You saying saying he is an accessory since his nephew has had charges in the past and/or b/c he uses drugs, that Rene is an accessory.  Everything you are posting is LIBEL and hearsay.  Just b/c Renene got a mortgage and hasn’t paid it, does NOT mean he ripped them off and/or any bad intentions when he got the loan.  You do not know his financial situation.  Like you said, he listed no income, no assets, so how can he repay the loan?  So its not stealing, as when he got the mortgage or loan I am sure he had every intention to repay it.  He has fallen on hard times and WHO are you to judge?  What a joke you are.

I did not know that the unpaid judgement was a mortgage. Maybe the lienholder will foreclose and help clean up the neighborhood? Also note the standard democrat line of “I meant well”… as in I meant to pay it back. (and then didn’t) What kind of fiscal responsibility does that show the Children of the RJUHSD???

In order to get a judgement and a charge-off, it means that Mr. Aggie-Lair-Uh has ignored repeated attempts to communicate and/or has made no attempt to make arrangements to pay back the money. Of course Aggie-Lair-Uh knew this when leaving these anonymous comments.

Looks like we will need to re-start the meat grinder in 2016.

Jul 132015

Remember when I excoriated Karen England and Company over the AB1266 Referendum? Apparently, they have learned their lesson – partially.

After running what many believed was another fundraiser to Capitol Resource Institute, the thing got legs and damn near qualified.

After leaving California and trying to reinvent herself in Nevada – England got eviscerated in Nevada and appears to be back in California once again trying to run an AB1266 Initiative.

They are still obsessing over the “Bathroom Bill” aspect of the deal – which in a far-left state like California will not resonate the way the fairness in youth sports argument would. Far be it from me to criticize the superior intellects of Ms. England and co.

I think AB1266 is evil. I agree with any effort to overturn it and think those that voted in favor of it have violated the public trust they were elected to serve.

While I detest Karen England – I will endorse the concept of overturning AB1266. I can not and will not aid anything that directly or indirectly benefits the Capitol Resource Institute. I am not alone in that sentiment, which is why I believe that effort will fail.

However, I have been told that England has real professional help. (I wish it included a therapist, but I digress) This could ensure a legitimate effort that has potential to succeed. England has to win this or she is done. I am amazed at her psychotic persistence and how many political lives she appears to have.

This is quite different than the doomed SB277 referendum. It was borne out of the paranoid fantasy of a deranged non-Republican activist in Fresno.

She managed to get one of the most toxic figures in California Politics to front the effort. So far, they lack the funds to even be able to print the petitions if they get a title and summary from the AG’s office this week.

The individual behind the SB277 effort will seek to blame this blogger and the other individual who attempted to file a referendum for the failure of her effort.

However, her own behavior and what she did to more people than just us, along with Tim Donnelly will seal its’ doom.

The Bottom Line is that legislators on both sides will not be involved with anything Tim Donnelly – and Donnelly knows this.

The Bottom Line is that donors have used Donnelly as a Judas Goat in order to refuse to act, or they have used the age-old excuse of “Not getting in the middle of a fight” as an excuse.

So – while the petitioner satisfied her inner desire to get even with “the other guy”, she has succeeded in screwing the parents of California out of a chance for justice. Meantime, Tim Donnelly got another 15 minutes to delude himself he is important.

Man, California is screwed up.

P.S. as a total irony – Then Assemblymember Tim Donnelly was the lone vote in favor of the Confederate Battle Flag while running for governor in 2014. In light of current events, something about a broken clock and something about having no political awareness…