May 072015

While CRA VP’s Tim Thiesen and Jim Shoemaker have penned separate complaints, they are very similar and cite damn near the same things. The idea from Alice is to make as many different complaints saying the same thing as possible to make it look bad.

Jim Shoemaker is about 3 IQ points north of Mark Gardner (see also Brick and Sugar Pill), and hails from the San Joaquin RA. I have been in CRA with him for nearly 18 years and I have only agreed with him on few occasions – most notably in the epic 2011 convention where we pulled Karen England off of her broom. Otherwise, Shoemaker has been reliable to fight against reform and modernization of CRA – a perfect ally for Alice Khosravy’s takeover of CRA.

Tim Thiesen and Jim Shoemaker were on the CRA Credentials Committee with Alice.

There was a run on the Placer RA’s delegates. Even though I apologized for acting on information given to us by Ed Rowen after both Tom Hudson and Alice Khosravy called him a liar – Ed is adamant that such an effort was discussed with him and that his payoff was to become President of the Placer RA again. In fact, Ed still wants to become President of the Placer RA again, even with all going on in CRA. He has told people as such. According to Ed, if he helped screw Placer over, he’d be made President of the unit again. Part of the screwing was to help challenge our delegates – we blew the lid off of this. Ironically, some of the charges against us are over phantom challenges to other unit’s delegates that never materialized.

The apology is now being used against me, which is standard practice within politics.  I do not need to apologize for defending my home unit’s delegates – even if Alice wants us thrown out of CRA as revenge for doing so.

Jim Shoemaker is the definition of useless in CRA Terms. He has never started a CRA unit in 25 years of being a CRA member, most of which included being on the CRA’s board of directors.

CRA VP Tim Thiesen is an interesting enigma. He ran for State Senate a few years ago, yet lacks the political instincts and skills you’d normally associate with someone that was then regarded as a top-tier candidate. Thiesen appears to have some severe anger management issues and takes disagreements personally. This made him an easy target for the black widow to get her hooks in to.

The first disagreement we had with Tim Thiesen was over the Nevada County RA and how the prosecution of it was botched at the 1/24 board meeting. Tim blamed George for an outburst (which is part of Mark Gardner’s complaint) and George blamed Tim for being unprepared.

This would end up being the last disagreement we’d ever have. Due to Tim’s paper thin ego and anger issues – there was never a chance for cooler heads to prevail as it appears Alice had gotten to Tim by mid February.

Both Jim and Tim were used by Alice as stooges to help her get her hands on all of the CRA’s records in an unsecured electronic format. The credentials committee kept ramping up their requests for more and more records from George until it hit a flashpoint a couple weeks before the convention.

While Tim repeats the lie of the data breach in his complaint – the irony here is that the bathroom boys and others complaining about a data breach are the same people that wanted and entire copy of the CRA’s Membership Records in an unsecured electronic format sent to the credentials committee!

It was on the advice of Tom Hudson that George refused to hand over the CRA’s membership records in an unsecured electronic format!

It has been Alice Khosravy’s pattern to get passwords to websites, twitter accounts, email accounts, to take over domain names and of course to get her hands on membership data of organizations she is seeking to take over. She has done this with a local women’s fed, the local central committee, the Santa Clarita RA and a tea party she imploded. She had manipulated John Briscoe at one point in to giving her all of the above – when John asked for the passwords back – Alice never returned the twitter password.

As I write this, Alice is working on moving the CRA’s Website to a different server and into taking over control of the CRA’s domain names. Why do you think she wants us thrown out so bad?

Alice’s manipulation of Tim and Jim was consistent with her established pattern. To this day, she is still hiding the domain names of from the duly elected Central Committee in AD38 for example. The massive fraud in the SCVRA’s membership roster is another. The repeated purges of the now dead local tea party and the SCVRA are yet another.

Once George and I are expelled from CRA – the Board will appoint a lapdog of Alice’s (if not Alice herself) Membership Secretary. There will never be another honest endorsement or election within CRA again. It is likely that Tim Thiesen thinks a lot of this current “plan” was his idea, some day he will wake up dead within CRA and he will understand what George and I do. In the mean time, he will continue getting third degree burns from the burning political weeds he likes to lay in.

Due to ego, stubborn refusal, a desire to run from conflict or just pure jealousy – the CRA’s board has sealed the fate of the organization by refusing to recognize that the fraud we have exposed is the real reason for our expulsion, as opposed to being a distraction. Even as I write this, Alice is directing traffic from what she thinks is behind the scenes to arrange the deck chairs on the CRA titanic using a group of men with paper-thin egos that have been manipulated in to retardation.

As we continue this series on the psychotic behavior of a small group of people – some who don’t even realize they have been sucked in by the CRA’s Black Widow Alice Khosravy – you too can understand that the CRA is ungovernable.

P.S. There are still no alleged violations of CRA By-Laws in either complaint as the board would have had to voted to compel George to give them what they demanded.

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