May 062015

CRA National Committeman Johnnie Morgan won 82-54, but in the mind of Bill Cardoza, it is George’s Fault.

Please note that CRA National Committeman Johnnie Morgan is a long-time Republican Leader from Southern LA County. Bill Cardoza has been in CRA 26 years according to his complaint and has been nearly useless to the organization. Cardoza had the gall to challenge Johnnie’s credentials in his complaint.

Past CRA President Mike Spence ran Bill Cardoza off of the CRA board for misappropriating funds from an election effort at the time, that is my best memory of Cardoza.

Bill Cardoza was given 11 day’s warning by me that I had recruited an opponent for him. He still lost badly. We recruited Johnnie Morgan late – even after Tim Thiesen and Alice Khosravy got the previous candidate to withdraw. Johnnie did not notify the CRA elections committee until three days before the convention.

It is clear from the mountain of evidence that Alice Khosravy contacted Bill Cardoza and got him to complain, as the timing of Bill’s complaint was not an accident. She is prone to hubris and Cardoza, being a weak, back-biting man would be all too willing to pile on a complaint.

It is also clear from the evidence that Alice Khosravy’s delegates, including those she manufactured from fake CRA units all voted against Morgan. Johnnie and George’s margin were almost exactly the same. (George was 82-55) Similar to their desire to overturn George’s re-election with their coup, they are sowing the seeds for their lynch mob to come after Johnnie (in addition to John Briscoe as I mentioned in Part 2).

I was in the counting room and was watching the results and listening to the ballots being called out. There very few “split ballots” for me to draw any other conclusion as Alice’s team was grossly outnumbered. Most of the ballots bore a George and Johnny vote or a Rick and Bill vote. We were pushing the George-Johnny ticket, by the way.

Alice Khosravy, Tim Thiesen and other co-conspirators counted only 47 votes for a hypothetical opponent for George in a secret meeting on Friday night. This means then that the 55 and 54 votes against George and Johnnie were what they expected.

Bill Cardoza did not even think to ask for a copy of the delegate list until Tue, March 10th, 4 days before the convention. Maybe he could have gotten even less votes after calling people with his personality. You would think someone who was even close to as awesome as Bill makes himself out to be would have trounced someone as marginal as Bill made Johnnie out to be.

However, it is George’s fault that ┬áBill Cardoza lost. It has nothing to do with the fact that in 26 years of “service” to the CRA – Cardoza has never chartered a new CRA unit or participated in rehabilitating an existing unit.

Bill’s home Unit – the Sacramento RA is moribund and can not get much more than 15-18 members, despite serving an area with 1 million plus people in it.

Please note that the Sacramento RA was one of several CRA units that turned in their paperwork less than 10 days before the convention – yet is is George’s fault the delegate list was not ready and he should be thrown out of CRA for it.

In his complaint, Bill Cardoza admits that he did not ask for the delegate list within the CRA By-Law time-frame of 14 days out. However, since the facts do not matter to the lynch mob, yet again – it is all George’s fault and I am sure Mark Gardner has figured out how to invent a by-law violation for this one.

Meantime – three complaints in, still no by-law violations.

Meantime, Johnnie Morgan, the Republican leader in Southern LA County is having his election questioned by a bitter old man who lost despite having nearly two week’s warning he’d have an opponent. Where does it stop? In Bill Cardoza’s mind – merely being a member of CRA for 26 years and doing nothing is superior to Johnnie’s lifetime of service to the GOP Cause. This is where the CRA is today.

If anyone reading these posts takes anyone left in the CRA leadership seriously after this litany, then they are as insane as the lynch mob.

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