Mar 232015

I guess word is getting out (finally), but not after the PAC Donors in all their brilliance helped foist a second Gaines on the North State.

In a column entitled, “The Mouse Roars at Tesla Rebate”  – Dan Morain just blew up Ted Gaines.

Those of us that have not drank the institutional kool-aid have known for years that Ted Gaines lacks the necessities to be a leader and about the only thing he is of average intelligence on is getting even with people. (Witness that he is currently out on the warpath trying to settle imaginary scores on people pre-2016 election cycle)

Morain also points out that Gaines lacked the critical thinking skills to even put on average political theater:

He went to a Home Depot, bought a shovel, painted it gold and delivered it to Tesla’s Silicon Valley headquarters, just in case the billionaire Musk needed groundbreaking equipment. He got as far as the receptionist.
Gaines traveled to Texas, which was competing for the factory, and showed up outside the Capitol in Austin with a cardboard cutout of a Tesla, to drive home the point that, by law, there are no Tesla showrooms in Texas. Corny, yes. But again, political theater isn’t Gaines’ core thing.

You see, Ted Gaines did figure out how to ruin a business partnership of 30+ years in order to make his wife a “Small Business Owner” for the ballot title. That part he understands because it was about his family paycheck.

And, he did figure out that trying to use the NorCal Tea Party to beat the crap out of Kirk Uhler in advance of Mrs. Gaines next run for a government job was a bad idea only after it detonated in his face. So they bid adieu to Placer County (for now) and moved over to El Dorado County so that Beth Gaines can run for supervisor in the last area that can still stand them.

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Morain lit up Ted Gaines for introducing Senate Bill 40, which would slash the vehicle value before a government subsidy would apply for people that buy electric cars. Right now, you can get the $2500 off of any priced car. Ted wants to slash that to $40,000. Tesla dissed California despite Gaines’ quixotic efforts and located in Nevada.

Given that Ted Gaines participated in the gutting of the Placer GOP after failing to get its’ endorsement in 2012; given that Ted Gaines has meeted out revenge on several local electeds that have refused to kiss his ring; And, given that Ted Gaines has vengefully gone after anyone that stood up publicly against his incompetent wife in her runs for office – Dan Morain is right to recognize that Senate Bill 40 is Ted Gaines attempt to get even with Tesla. Its’ called a pattern, folks.

Heaven forbid Ted Gaines ever took a look at his part in how he looked as bad to California as the certificate-wielding doughboy makes his wife look locally.  If I was Elon Musk and I saw Gaines’ antics, knowing that Gaines is from the “pro-business” permanent minority party, I’d pull all remaining operations out of California.

Ted Gaines will be running for re-election in 2016. Thankfully, the Labor-Union Redistricting Commission Gerrymandered Roseville out of SD-01. I never thought I’d write this, but I am indeed grateful to be a constituent of Jim Nielsen.

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