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Tom Mauk agreed Thursday to resign as the county’s highest non-elected official, the latest executive departure since former O.C. Public Works manager Carlos Bustamante was charged with 12 felonies for alleged sexual abuse of female employees.

The article goes on to say that John Moorlach voted to give Mauk $270,000 of your money after he left in disgrace.

Rationalize it all you want, but this is a pattern with John Moorlach.

It did not stop there. He later voted to pay $254,000 to the computer contractor who oversaw a train wreck in Orange County Government.

The Orange County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 on Dec. 14 to approve a controversial $254,000 bonus for the county’s computer contractor after multiple concerns were raised about the company’s performance. Supervisor Shawn Nelson dissented.

ACS State and Local Solutions, which services the technology needs of state and local governments, holds a 10-year, $266 million contract with the county, which contains a bonus clause for ACS meeting certain parameters. According to Mr. Nelson, ACS did not follow the contract to the letter, so he questions “the legal basis for giving them the money.

Why didn’t the fiscal watchdog and unassailable conservative John Moorlach follow up?

ACS has been maligned in recent years by county management, including the county’s chief information officer, who accused the company of substandard work. But over the last year the company has changed management and made significant improvements, [County Chief Executive Officer Tom] Mauk explained.”

This was the same Tom Mauk that Moorlach voted to pay $270k to when he resigned in disgrace from his position in Orange County that was defending the incompetent fools that got $254k. I have whiplash.

Why did John Moorlach do this? Where was the oversight? How is this Fiscally Conservative?

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As a bonus, Add in the fact that John Moorlach sided with CalOptima executives who were accused of misuse of resources to the tune of $82000. The county attempted to recover the funds, Moorlach opposed the move.

Google John Moorlach Lawsuit and look what comes up – you’d think that Moorlach was trying out for a reality show.

I think I will take the lifetime 93% CRA Score instead.

P.S. Disclaimer: The CRA Endorsed John Moorlach. I am writing as an individual and my opinions / facts expressed do not reflect those of the CRA.

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