Jan 042015

With the Placer GOP in disarray, people and groups will continue to step in to the vacuum.

In 2015, the people to watch may well be groups. What will the League of Placer County Taxpayers do? The Placer County Republican Assembly was the only group that had an organized precinct walking effort (that aided Congressman McClintock and local candidates), what will the Placer CRA do?

We have outed Beth Gaines Chief of Staff Dave Titus as the choice of the Gaines Dynasty to succeed her majesty in to the assembly in 2016. Despite public denials by Gaines herself, it appears that Titus is indeed moving in to Placer County. He has to at least a year before filing for that office.

Will the Gaines throw Titus under the bus now that he has been exposed? Will Titus start showing up at things like the Roseville Chamber of Commerce installation dinner?

What is the next move for Beth Gaines? Rumors indicate that their personal situation is very unstable. Does this mean that they need another government paycheck to replace that of Mrs. Gaines?

Who will run against Jennifer Montgomery? It appears Montgomery has run her course with a lot of left-leaning business owners in Tahoe with her ardent hatred of capitalism and her environmentalist xenophobia. With Measure B passing, the financial barrier to a sane business owner has been removed.

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Will someone run against Kirk Uhler? Pam Tobin tried and she got slaughtered by 25 points in 2012.

Will someone run against Jim Holmes?

What will the Placer County Dems try to pull in local elections?

The 2000 pound gorilla loops back to the AD06 race. Who is the anti-Gaines? The Gaines have made a ton of enemies in the last 4 years. The dynamic is different now, there is no candidate named Gaines to run, this is a regular election (not a ultra low turnout special), and the 3rd house has a completely different agenda now.

With local electeds seemingly galvanized, will they engage and help the anti-Gaines get the critical mass against the political establishment (if said establishment even has power still)?

What will the Placer GOP do? Will they continue to postpone and/or cancel fundraisers? Will they continue to hide in the political corner? Will the local partisan electeds continue to contribute to their failure? Or the local partisan electeds happy with their failure?

Ted Gaines – he is up for his last term in 2016. The word in the capital is that Ted has already detached himself from his duties. Recently, Steve Davey, Ted’s Chief of Staff (who is alleged to be the Senator) purged the entire staff. Will Ted draw a credible opponent for re-election?

Keep your eyes peeled, folks.

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