Nov 082014

When you’re a democrat, you never EVER acknowledge the reasons for your electoral defeat.

In 2012, when Romney lost a race he should have won – the pundits came out in force, but the GOP leadership figured out quickly what went wrong and took steps to fix the issues. The results on 11/4/2014 bear it out.

Then there is Ami Bera – his campaign people are screaming racism, claiming that Ose’s people are purposely challenging Woman or Latino Ballots. Of Course, in the process of trying to create this lie, they omit that it is impossible to see names on ballots from a distance. They also omit that 90% of the challenges are automatic per statute and are not subjective.

When you’re a a whore with a worn-out playbook, you’re stuck. Demagogue the Uteris, Demagogue Race in the absence of issues. It backfired spectacularly – for US Senator Mark Udall, his whoring out the Abortion Issue got so bad that the flaming communists at the Denver Post called him “Senator Uteris” and endorsed his Republican opponent (who is a pro-life Christian). Republicans only lost women by a slim margin nationally.

However, the fraud doctor and the idiots on his staff missed the memo. Republicans won Asians 50-49 after scoring only 27% in 2012. The Latino Vote went from 27-36% as well.

Still the kool-aid drinking cylon-robots on the Fraud Doctors’ staff are telling the world they think they have lost. The following is from Doug Ose’s campaign chief:

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As we head into the week after Election Day, we are still in the process of verifying and counting ballots.  As supporters of Doug Ose’s campaign, you have been a critical reason why Doug is in such a strong position. Our success has put Congressman Bera in a very difficult position, so much so that his campaign is becoming more shrill by the day.  Why has the Bera campaign become so shrill? It’s simple: Congressman Bera, one of President Obama’s foot soldiers whose support for policies was soundly rejected on Election Day, is on the verge of losing his job.

Here is what we know and why Congressman Bera is desperate:

  • Doug Ose leads Incumbent Congressman Ami Bera in the race for CA-07 by 2,183 votes.
  • The Sacramento County Registrar of Voters estimates about 79,000 ballots remain in Sacramento County (70,000 of which are vote by mail ballots and 9,000 are provisional ballots). The campaign estimates about 65% of those ballots will fall in CA-07, which means that there are about 50,000 ballots still to be counted.
  • The Ose campaign only needs to receive 48% of the remaining vote to win this seat outright. Thus far, Doug has received 49.1% of the absentee ballot vote to date and won Election Day voters by six points.

Activities at the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters

On Wednesday (11/5) morning at 8am, the Ose campaign had four election observers at the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters office. The Assistant Registrar, Alice Jarboe, explained to the Ose campaign the rules and guidelines to participate as official election observers. Nowhere to be found was Congressman Bera’s campaign – they missed the entire day.

(This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone – this is true to form for Congressman Bera. While Bera was in Congress, time and time again he skipped out on his own small business workshops and drought workshops in the district.)

Forty-eight hours after Election Day, the Bera campaign and surrogates decided to show up and make outlandish and baseless accusations. Their strategy of throwing anything and everything against the wall in the hopes it sticks is the absolute lowest point in their campaign of desperation.

Why stoop so low?

The Bera campaign wants to set up the notion that this was not a fair election and that it was stolen from them. Bera is attempting to establish the narrative that ballots are being wrongfully discarded. This claim is absurd and it’s an insult to the professionalism of the Registrar’s office and the people of Sacramento County.

The county office is following the state’s election law and established local procedures. They have done an excellent job of carefully reviewing every ballot cast to ensure all legal votes are counted. Validating signatures is important to ensure the election is fair. For Congressman Bera that’s not good enough. He wants ballots that don’t meet legal criteria – a matching signature – to be counted. His campaign is attempting to bully the Registrar in a desperate attempt to hold on to power. Doug Ose will not stand by as Congressman Bera and his Washington, D.C. allies attempt to wage an intimidation campaign. We have no problem taking our message directly to the voters once again.

What is really going on?

What will happen when the vote goes final and Congressman Bera loses this election? He’ll launch an election campaign for 2016 and use this “social injustice” as his platform.

I am sure the Bera campaign will say all of these claims are fanciful.

We shall see.


Chris LaCivita

Campaign Strategist, Ose for Congress


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