Oct 302014

If Rene Aguilera’s Racist tendencies weren’t bad enough, his entitlement mentality comes out loud and clear in the way he lives.

While using his expired corporation (expired because he failed to pay the filing fees and failed to file a tax return) – he also used your’s and my tax dollars to enrich himself.

1. He was planning a Cesar Chavez Day Event in 2013 using RJUHSD resources. He set off the Alarm on campus at 4:30 AM!

2. He sent out 12,000 emails from the RJUHSD Email system soliciting donations for his expired corporation.

Both the above actions are illegal by themselves, over and above using the expired corporation. If he was soliciting donations claiming them to be tax-deductible, then we have wire fraud in addition to the previously suggested issues.

3. Rene Aguilera defaulted on his mortgage.

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4. Rene Aguilera’s lifelong pattern of not paying his bills continued with a default judgement being entered in against him for walking away from a $15,000 loan and simply stopping making the payments. The Judgement against Rene Aguilera sits to this day and has been sold off to a collection agency.

… yet somehow Rene Aguilera manages to go to Washington D.C. on junkets to advocate on behalf of far-left groups!

All the above and Rene Aguilera’s house has been visited by the Roseville Police Department a staggering 44 times since 1/1/2013.

Rene Aguilera even lets homeless people pitch tents in the backyard of his home – in addition to all the drug activity referenced in the police logs!

Rene Aguilera must believe he is above the law. He uses an expired corporation, travels America on phantom resources, looks like he is avoiding paying a judgement he owes and appears to be harboring a known narcotics dealer at his home!

… and he thinks you should vote for him.


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