Oct 312014

The Right On Daily Blog Commemorates 10/22 as FBI day. In the insanity that dominated my life surrounding moving, I forgot my annual post.

The train-wreck that is our current Placer County GOP Central Committee was facilitated by a chain of events set off by Conservative Fraud Karen England. England went on a rampage jihad, enlisting many of the very same tea partiers that are working with the liberals that control the Placer GOP Central Committee in her rampage.

At the January 2011 organizational meeting of the Placer GOP – Karen England said publicly that the FBI had been to her house in October of 2010 to talk to HER and (no one else) about the finances of the Placer GOP.

This led to a Central Committee Member who may or may not have been Cheryl Bly-Chester filing multiple FPPC Complaints against the Committee that were pointed to as evidence of corruption and a front-page above-the-fold article in the Sacramento Bee, quoting now Congressman Doug LaMalfa about the baseless charges.

These particular Tea Partiers have never apologized or backtracked from their claims of corruption.

A financial audit of the Cent Com revealed nothing. The FBI has visited no one. The FPPC never fined the Central Committee.

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Four years have passed since Karen England lied in public about being visited by the FBI. Occasionally, I get reports back that some of the same insane tea partiers are still parroting the baseless charges as fact.

Karen England is still affiliated with the Capital Resource Institute. She is still unapologetic to this day about suing the CRA and continues to trash the organization.

This is politics folks – you lie and lie repeatedly, then double down and never, ever admit you were wrong.

Happy Belated FBI Day – more on the GOP Central Committee soon.

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  One Response to “Happy FBI Day! (Belated) 4 years later…”

  1. Karen England tried to become State Chairman of the CRA. But she claimed to belong to the ‘then’ Yolo CRA group in this attempt. At that time the Yolo CRA group was fictional….It never met, had fake members (a consultant picked named from old lists and paid the dues), and was conceived/controlled/schemed by that consultant. Yet Ms. England still trashes the CRA because this fraud was exposed? The woman has no shame….

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