Oct 052014

Art Moore’s Crew was out walking precincts Yesterday. I assume they are today as well.

I was quite surprised when I got home from Church Saturday Night to see this waiting for me in the corner of my front yard fence.

The Art Moore for Congress Walk Piece Front and the Art Moore for Congress Walk Piece Back.

It is a very simple efficient piece.

It highlights Art’s Good looks with his most commonly seen picture.

It has pictures of Art in uniform – however, not the specific uniform types that violate the campaign code. (one is a head shot showing no insignia and the other appears to be from his west-point graduation thus has no official army insignia on it) This was a good move on the part of his team. Art Moore’s military service is his main selling point.

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The piece repeatedly reminds people that Art Moore is from the district (Auburn) and that he is running against “Career Politicians”.

I was quite surprised to see this. I have been aware of McClintock’s effort and went to the Placer GOP HQ (which is 100% funded by McClintock) and got my home precinct in Roseville, where I am moving to, in order to walk.

I have no clue how many people Art’s campaign has out walking.

Based on what I have seen, the Placer GOP Cent Com is moribund, Ted and Beth Gaines could not be bothered to help and whatever operation occurs on the ground will be orchestrated by McClintock’s Campaign.

It looks like South Placer County will be ground zero in #CA04.

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