Sep 292014

Now just a damn minute, Aaron. Rene Aguilera is NOT a dope dealer.

Did you know that Rene Aguilera has at least 4 other people living in his 1400 SQF house?

Ok – so what. Well, one of them appears to be a drug dealer, one Everett “Tater” Proctor. (according to accounts of confidential informants, a former neighbor and a commenter on this blog)

Tater has made the Roseville Press Tribune – he was hauled a couple years ago for a probation violation.

There is also a broken link showing that Mr. Tater ended up in the City Slam on 7/17/2014. Whoops.

I learned that Everett Tater Proctor is Rene Aguilera’s Nephew based on the following: I’ve been told by several that Rene Aguilera’s Nephew is a drug dealer, it took a while to get a name for the Nephew. I’ve been told by others that Everett Tater Proctor lives at 136 Donner Ave. Everett Proctor shows up on lists of known associates of Aguilera’s.

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How does that make you feel – knowing that Rene Aguilera is setting the Alarm off on the campus of Roseville High School at 4:30 AM and his Nephew is a dope dealer living at his house? Isn’t it grand knowing that Aguilera is helping to educate your children and has recruited two other associates to run for school board as well?

Wouldn’t it be grand to have a City Council-member who is part of negotiating with the local Police department who is harboring a dope dealer in his house?

I mentioned 4 people living in the house. According to accounts from people I have spoken to – there are two disabled people living at the house. Ostensibly, they are on Social Security and are paying some, if not all of it to Rene Aguilera for rent – or Aguilera is getting payments from the government for their care. There is also a female, who is the girlfriend of Aguilera’s Nephew who is also in and out of jail.

In addition to the above, Rene’s Sister Gloria lives at the house as well. It could well be that rent payments (if any) are being made to her and not to Rene, as little appears to be in Rene’s name other than the title to the house. (I have more to say on why I think that later)

Accounts I have been given also tell me that Homeless people are allowed to Squat on the Property. There are frequently Tents pitched in the back yard of the home. These homeless people are reputed to be amongst the customers of the drug dealer who is Aguilera’s Nephew, Everett Tater Proctor.

In addition, several of the homeless people have told my informants that Rene helps them get on Social Security. It makes sense as the pattern of Rene Aguilera tells me that he is skilled at leeching off of the system – so why not help others do the same?

Many of the above claims in this post are based on conversations I have had with people – want some real proof? Stay tuned as the Tour-de-Aguilera continues.

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  One Response to “Rene Aguilera Update: Homeless Shelter?, Narcotics Dealer?”

  1. What a bunch of BS…. Just because someone you are related too, or even housing someone who has a drug problem does not mean Rene is unfit to do his job.

    Obviously he is attempting to help a family member, it does not mean he condones that life style. As a matter of fact, just because he has first hand knowledge and has been around people with problems, makes him more capable of being a better leader, supported, helper, etc., as he can relate to others that have problems too. I bet almost everyone in Politics, schools boards, etc., all have family members who have or had drinking and/or drug problems within there life time. Get real people!! And Homeless people help too, and just b/c Rene may try to assist them in steering them towards avenues of support does not mean he or they are leeching off the system… And who’s business is it, on WHO lives at Rene’s house..or who pays the rent… GEEESH.. find something better to write about, versus slamming people who actually care about California, Roseville and the residents. Why don’t you post this!!

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