Sep 222014

I got a nice letter in the mail from the Mike Honda for Congress Campaign. It was from the leader of the Korean American Democratic Committee.

It went on to talk about all the bad things Japan did in WWII and how Mike Honda succeeded in making sure that Japan was held accountable 70 years after the fact – as if to put Koreans against Japanese. (Typical race-baiting democrat tactic – while Japan did evil in WWII – this letter was thinly veiled race-baiting)

Dear Mike Honda and crew. I am not Korean. You are morons for assuming that I am Korean and assuming that all Koreans are democrats. Maybe Rene Aguilera is helping run your campaign?

The letter goes on to say that the GASP Tea party is organizing on behalf of Mike Honda’s opponent – avowed slimeball and former Obama Admin hack Ro “dirtbag” Kanna, who got caught putting other Republicans onto the June ballot to create a D vs D runoff. If the Tea Party is organizing for Ro Kanna, add that to the list of examples I keep citing about the Tea Party.

Well – Ro Kanna’s recruitment of multiple Republicans worked. Kanna is in a Runoff against Honda (aka Commie vs Commie) – hence the moment of panic earning Mike Honda’s campaign the first IDIOT ALERT from the RightonDaily blog of the November 2014 election cycle.

I wonder if they will remove me from their mailing list now?

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