Aug 132014

Mark Takano says he is for the little guy – yet he has supported numerous tax increases (more on that, soon) and has steadfastly voted to keep Gas prices at historic highs.

Mark Takano is a serial flip-flopper, opposed socialized medicine when he ran against Ken Calvert in 1992 – yet has been a dutiful whore of madam Pelosi defending the disaster known as Obamacare.

Mark Takano also makes a living on the fringes of society – he opposes middle-class tax cuts (more on that soon) and lists far left wackjobs like Bruce Babbit, Gloria Steinem and Barbara Boxer as his core supporters.

As a trustee on the local community college board – Takano was involved in his own form of Chicago politics:

1. Firing Whistleblowers

2. Stripping fellow boardmembers of committee appointments

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3. Labeling Abuse Victims Vigilantes

There is a long, sordid history of the litany of lawsuits that occurred under the tenure of Mark Takano on that community college board that needs to be explored.

Mark Takano has also proven to be a complete hypocrite on education issues – preferring bloated administrative salaries to the classroom, wasting boatloads of district money on dubious projects and even supports crony capitalism in contracts for local districts.

There is a reason why Mark Takano is popular in Washington D.C. – he had a lot of training selling us all down the river.

Believe it or not – Mark Takano has even gotten caught with his hands in the amoral cookie jar as well – he was once called the King’o’sleaze by the same local media that are now his lapdogs!

The Tour De Takano Continues…

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